I loved being able to learn from so many different people who have such rich backgrounds and clinical expertise.

MS in Speech-Language Pathology
Circle Creek Therapy, LLC

Can you tell us a bit about your educational and professional background?

I completed my undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders at Emerson College in Boston. After graduating with a M.S. in Speech-Langue Pathology from UW in 2018, I began working for a private practice in Auburn, which is where I currently work.

Why did you choose the University of Washington?

I was originally drawn to UW due to the high ranking of the SLP program. However, after meeting various faculty and staff members when visiting the campus, I felt a sense of community which was really unique and wonderful.

How did the clinical rotations in the program help you advance your career or shape your goals?

The Core program really helped me become a well-rounded therapist. I was prepared both through rotations at the clinic as well as placements elsewhere. I see such a wide variety of patients now, of all ages and with a wide range of difficulties, and I always have the tools and/or resources I need to provide the best treatment possible. I also had amazing opportunities outside of practica, such as volunteering at the NICU, or providing services to families in Guatemala. All of this provided me with invaluable experience and knowledge.

Was there a sense of community within your cohort? Did your classmates support each other?

Absolutely! I did not have the chance to get to know everyone in my cohort closely, but we were very supportive of each other as a group. We often had large group parties/events together, and I knew that I could ask anyone for help and they would be there. We still reach out to each other now, asking for help and providing each other with valuable resources.

What did you enjoy most about clinical training?

Most of all, I loved being with the clients and providing treatment. I also loved being able to learn from so many different people who had (and have) such rich backgrounds and clinical expertise. I felt as though I have learned from the best, and it was a great honor.

How did your training in evidence-based practice help prepare you to make determinations about the types of treatments and procedures you use and practice? How have you applied your EBP training to what you do now?

EBP was (and is) a major focus at UW, both in clinical rotations and classes. For example, I learned how to conduct a search to obtain the most pertinent information, as well as where to look to stay up to date on the most recent evidence. I use these skills almost everyday to make sure I am providing optimal care to my patients.

Can you tell us about the quality of the professors and supervisors you worked with during your clinical rotations?

I cannot praise the professors and supervisors highly enough. As I stated before, I truly felt honored to learn from so many amazing people. It is obvious that they put their heart and soul into their work, and want to help students be the best they can be

What is your overall evaluation of the CoreSLP program?

I would highly recommend the CoreSLP program at UW.