Because the Au.D. program is a hybrid degree that is partially funded by the state of Washington and partially fee-based or self-sustaining through student instructional fees, there are unique procedures for paying tuition and registering.

  • While enrolled in the first three years of the Au.D. program, students simultaneously register and pay tuition through the UW Registrar (state of WA) and UW Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) Registration Services. Students must register and pay tuition/fees to both entities by the University of Washington deadlines in order to participate in coursework.
  • During the fourth year of the program, students register and pay tuition exclusively to UW PCE.

In all four years of the program, Au.D. students pay a fixed tuition rate and registration fee each quarter to PCE. That is, students are NOT charged on a per credit basis (like they do with the UW Registrar), but pay the same tuition rate each quarter, regardless of the number of credits in which they enroll. There is no part-time or per-credit rate available for the PCE portion of the tuition.

Each quarter you can find our department’s curriculum online by visiting the UW Time Schedule.  The Speech and Hearing Sciences curriculum is listed by academic quarter and can be located within the “College of Arts & Sciences”.  The department’s Autumn curriculum lists the times, locations and instructors for each of these required classes.


Because the Au.D. degree program has a hybrid funding arrangement, students register and pay tuition using two separate procedures. While enrolled in the first three years of the Au.D. program, students simultaneously complete a two-part registration and tuition payment process through the UW Campus Registrar and UW PCE.

The fourth and final year of the Au.D. program is exclusively a fee-based funding arrangement. Thus, students only register and pay tuition to UW PCE. Students cannot register through the UW Campus Registrar (MyUW) and do not pay tuition to Student Fiscal Services. Everything is done through UW PCE.

Please refer to the AuD registration & tuition policy document for complete instructions. 

Books & Materials

If there are required textbooks for your class, you can find this information on the Time Schedule. Simply click on the Schedule Line Number (SLN) for the course and then select “Display Textbooks”. Unlike undergraduate courses, however, most graduate level instructors will inform you of their textbook and material requirements (e.g., reading packets) either via email or on the first day of class. You may find some listed on the Time Schedule, but anticipate hearing about books and materials the first week of school.

Clinical Schedules

While students will be informed of the didactic course schedule in advance of each academic quarter, clinical schedules will vary quarter to quarter depending on the practica in which students are enrolled, client availability and supervisor schedules. Students should anticipate not knowing their specific clinic schedules until the first week of each quarter. Students will be directly contacted by clinical faculty each quarter about clinic assignments, schedules, etc.

Since students will work directly with assigned faculty supervisors and clients to establish clinic appointments, this information cannot be provide to students in advance. Because this is a full-time program, please plan to be on site from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. Clinic appointments will always fall within these times which reflect our UW Speech & Hearing Clinic hours of operations. We appreciate that many of you wish to know your specific schedules in advance, but you will not be able to finalize your schedules until the first week of every quarter. Students will have the opportunity to communicate any schedule restrictions they may have to their direct supervisor, but the expectation is that your graduate program and clinic are a priority during business hours.