Students are responsible for maintaining CPR training throughout enrollment in the graduate program. Anyone without a valid CPR card must complete training prior to starting the graduate program.

The expiration date of the training should be noted on the card. If no date is shown, it is considered to have an annual renewal. Students will not be allowed to participate in clinical training without a valid certification card.

Students needing to complete CPR training should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Students must take the American Heart Association course specially intended for health care providers, as many clinical training sites (especially hospitals) require this course.
  • The training must include at a minimum both adult and infant/child resuscitation.
  • The training should include a practical/skills evaluation portion; on-line CPR training is not acceptable.
  • We recommend you find a certification class that covers a 2-year period. If you cannot, you will be accountable for recertification each year.

An electronic copy of your valid CPR card must be uploaded to Typhon by September 29, 2017.