The requirements in this section need to be completed prior to the start of the graduate program. Some have very specific due dates and all department requirements are due without exception by Friday, September 29, 2017. Please track your completion of these items using your “New Graduate Student Checklist” as you will not be allowed to participate in classes or clinic until they are met.

Required Forms

Please review, sign, and scan the forms below to be uploaded to your Typhon account when you arrive in the fall.

  • Applicant Agreement & Conditions of Acceptance
    Applicants must read, sign, and make an electronic copy of the Applicant Agreement Form, and upload it to Typhon by September 29, 2017.
  • Essential Functions of Speech and Hearing Science Education
    As a condition of admission, all new graduate students are required to read and sign the “Essential Functions of Speech and Hearing Science Education at the University of Washington” statement attesting to their ability to meet the standards of our clinical degree program, with or without accommodations. It should be uploaded to Typhon by September 29, 2017.
  • UW Medicine Privacy Agreement
    All graduate students will review and agree to adhere to the terms of the UW Medicine Privacy, Confidentiality and Information Security Agreement” form. Please make an electronic copy of this statement after it is signed to be uploaded to Typhon by September 29, 2017.

Clinical Compliance During Graduate School

The MS and AuD programs are part of a larger group of clinical “Health Sciences” programs at the University of Washington (e.g., Nursing, Medicine, Rehab, Pharmacy, etc.). As such, SPHSC graduate students are required to complete a number of clinical compliance requirements prior to the start of the program and maintain them throughout enrollment, to demonstrate their eligibility to train and work as health professionals.

The SPHSC Clinical Compliance Policy outlines all of the compliance requirements for MS and AuD students, including the documentation that must be provided to the department in order for students to participate in clinical education through the University of Washington. The department closely monitors completion of the required student compliance items, which encompass:

  • student trainings
  • policy agreements
  • background checks, and
  • immunizations designed to protect our students, the University, and our clinical partners

In accordance with the SPHSC Clinical Compliance Policy, all new students must complete and provide documentation for the required compliance items by September 29, 2017 at the latest. The majority of the required materials will be uploaded to the Typhon system by you when you arrive on campus. During your Typhon system training, faculty and staff will be available to assist you in uploading your documents. You will not email or send them to the department unless otherwise noted.

To facilitate uploading to the Typhon system, please create electronic copies of all your documentation and bring it with you on a flash drive or other electronic medium. Importantly, before uploading documentation please ensure:

  1. You retain a hard and/or electronic copy for your personal records
  2. Your name is clearly marked on all items, noting any applicable name changes

As students prepare to establish and maintain these requirements, a few other important items:

  • To update any requirements with expiration dates during the graduate program, students will scan and upload documentation directly to the Typhon system. Staff is notified of new documentation uploads by the Typhon system and will update the expiration dates accordingly. Students can view completion and expiration dates at any time in Typhon. Please contact the Fieldwork Operations Specialist (Debbie Higuera at immediately if any errors or issues are noted.
  • The status of many required compliance items does not remain static. As expiration dates approach, students receive 30-day reminder messages through the Typhon system so they can renew requirements, minimizing interruption to clinical rotations.
  • When students branch out from our UW Speech and Hearing Clinic into community clinical sites, they may need to complete additional compliance requirements such as fingerprinting or drug screenings. In these instances, the Fieldwork Operations Specialist will alert students and provide additional instructions
  • A hold will be placed on your student account if a requirement lapses and students will be removed from clinic until such time as compliance is restored.