In the Medical Speech-Language Pathology degree program, students are provided with clinical education across a variety of healthcare and community practice settings including acute care, in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation, long-term care, private practice, and outpatient clinics including the UW Speech & Hearing Clinic. Students are required to complete 10 clinical practicum courses (42 credits) in order to obtain the specified number of clinical clock hours required by ASHA. Students are required to track and document their clinical clock hours via our online Typhon system and will receive written evaluations for every practicum completed that will be submitted to the department for inclusion in their academic record.

UW Speech & Hearing Clinic Practica

During the first year of the program, students complete a series of clinical practica within the UW Speech & Hearing Clinic. These experiences focus on providing students with foundational skills in assessment and treatment of developmental and acquired communication disorders across the lifespan. The clinical education model is designed to reflect best practices in medical service delivery and provide students with case- or problem-based learning experiences, weekly rounds, and clinical mentoring to prepare them for community-based clinical rotations.

Year 1: UW Speech & Hearing Clinic Practica / 4 courses Credits per quarter Clock

SPHSC 553A: Advanced Practicum in Speech-Language Pathology
Students will participate in one quarter of each of the following:

  • Pediatric Evaluation
  • Pediatric Treatment
  • Adult Evaluation
  • Adult Treatment
3 5-20
  12 cr ~105 hrs

Community-Based Practica & Internships

During the second year, students in the Medical Speech-Language Pathology degree program complete four off-site clinical education experiences; three part-time practicum rotations, and one full-time internship experience. This internship occurs in the final summer quarter and is completed locally or nationally based on the student’s interest and internship site availability.

The Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences holds affiliation agreements with over 250 clinical facilities throughout Western Washington and the nation that provide speech-language pathology services across the life span. These affiliation agreements formalize our clinical education partnerships with community-based training sites that have agreed to partner with the University to provide clinical learning experiences for our graduate students. Students have the opportunity to complete internships both inside and outside the state of Washington.

When not in the UW Speech & Hearing Clinic, students are expected to provide their own transportation to and from all assigned practicum placements. Many, but not all, facilities are served by public transportation. In addition, given that many hospitals and medical settings provide weekend speech-language pathology services, some students may be required to be onsite during weekends as part of their practicum assignment.

Year 2: Community-Based Clinical Practica / 4 courses Credits Clock Hr
SPHSC 554A: Autumn Qtr: Advanced Offsite Practicum (part-time ~16-20 hrs per week) 6 ~60
SPHSC 554A: Winter Qtr. Advanced Offsite Practicum (part-time ~16-20 hrs per week) 6 ~60
SPHSC 554A: Spring Qtr: Advanced Offsite Practicum (part-time ~16-20 hrs per week) 6 ~60
SPHSC 554A: Summer Qtr Advanced Offsite Practicum (full-time internship ~40 hrs per week) 12 ~180
  30 Credits 360 hours