The University of Washington and SPHSC Department's admission policy provides for a selective admission process with the objective of attracting students who demonstrate the strongest prospects for high quality academic work. This selective admission process shall assure that the University's educational opportunities shall be open to all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or veteran status. The process of admission shall be mindful of the need for diversity in the student body and for highly-trained individuals from all segments of the population.

Concurrent Au.D./Ph.D.

Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) students in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences have the unique opportunity to apply for enrollment in a combined Doctor of Audiology/Doctor of Philosophy (Au.D./Ph.D.) Program. Students accepted into this concurrent degree program complete all of the traditional, rigorous requirements of a research-based doctorate while also obtaining the education necessary for clinical certification in Audiology through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

The Au.D. program at the UW is a four year program, with the fourth year dedicated to a full-time, year- long clinical externship. Adding on the PhD degree program does extend a student’s time at the University of Washington, with the total length of enrollment varying across individuals and depending on the scope of research. Although students work on the Au.D. and Ph.D. degrees in tandem, they must meet the individual credit and coursework requirements for each program as specified by the Graduate School. Students considering a concurrent Au.D. / Ph.D. degree program should first review the UW Graduate School Memo #35 regarding Informal Concurrent Degree Programs.

How to Apply

Students interested in the concurrent Au.D./Ph.D. degree program do not apply to both degree programs at the same time. Students must first apply and be accepted into our Au.D. program, and then follow these steps:

  • Enroll and complete one full year in the Au.D. program;
  • During the second year of the Au.D. program, apply to the Ph.D. program (February 15th deadline);
  • If accepted into the Ph.D. program, begin taking coursework to fulfill PhD requirements in the Spring quarter of the second year.
  • Complete joint Au.D./Ph.D. work through the third year of graduate study
  • During the 4th year, choose how to progress in the program. Students can either complete the full-time, year-long clinical externship for the Au.D. degree and postpone their Ph.D. work OR they postpone completion of the Au.D. externship requirement and focus on their Ph.D. requirements.
Apply to the Au.D. program by February 1st of the year prior to enrollment Apply to the Ph.D. program by February 15th Enroll as both an Au.D. and Ph.D. student Decide how to progress with the concurrent program
Enroll full-time and complete the first year of the Au.D. program– completing coursework and clinic. Continue full-time enrollment in year 2 of the Au.D. program – completing coursework and clinic.

Begin capstone research work with an Au.D. mentor/committee.

Enroll in PhD coursework

Continue full-time enrollment in year 3 of the Au.D. Program and also enroll in the Ph.D. program.

Complete Au.D coursework, clinic, and the capstone research project.

Enroll in PhD coursework

Continue with the 4th year externship component of the Au.D. program and postpone Ph.D. work


Postpone the externship requirement and focus solely on the Ph.D. requirements

Other Information

The Au.D. research project can also serve as the pre-dissertation project required for the Ph.D. degree. For that reason, the Au.D. research project must follow the rules for a pre-dissertation project: a committee must be formed, the committee must approve a written proposal, and the project completion criteria must be agreed upon by the committee.

The funding for which Ph.D. students are generally eligible does not typically begin until the student has completed the first 3 years of the Au.D. degree program. Most Au.D./Ph.D. students postpone completion of the Au.D. 4th year externship until after the Ph.D. requirements are met, as dual program enrollment provides them with the best funding options during their Ph.D.