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Speech & Hearing Sciences
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Arenberg (Bierer)
Ph.D., CCC-A

MS, Audiology, San Francisco State University (2003)
PhD, Neuroscience, University of Michigan (2001)
BA, Communication Disorders, Boston University (1994)

Professor Arenberg joined the UW Speech and Hearing Sciences Department in 2005. Her research is focused on cochlear implants, which are prostheses that enhance or restore hearing in severely impaired individuals. Cochlear implant patients typically perform well, but they show a wide range of speech perception abilities and most cannot enjoy music. Professor Arenberg's research addresses the possible causes of poor outcomes for cochlear implant patients and explores new clinical techniques and speech processing methods that may improve the way these individuals hear through their devices.

Recent Publications
Vowel and consonant confusions from spectrally manipulated stimuli designed to simulate poor cochlear implant electrode-neuron interfaces. (2016 Dec) J Acoust Soc Am 140(6): 4404 DiNino M, Wright RA, Winn MB, Bierer JA

Proceedings of the Annual Symposium of the American Cochlear Implant Alliance. (2016 Sep) Cochlear Implants Int 17(5): 211-237 Thomas Roland J, Buchman C, Eisenberg L, Henderson L, He S, Firszt J, Francis H, Dunn C, Sladen D, Arndt S, May B, Zeitler D, Niparko JK, Emmett S, Tucci D, Chen J, McConkey Robbins A, Schwefler E, Geers A, Lederberg A, Hayes H, Hughes M, Bierer J, Schafer E, Sorkin D, Kozma-Spytek L, Childress T

Reducing Channel Interaction Through Cochlear Implant Programming May Improve Speech Perception: Current Focusing and Channel Deactivation. (2016 Jun 17) Trends Hear 20(): Bierer JA, Litvak L

An Examination of Sources of Variability Across the Consonant-Nucleus-Consonant Test in Cochlear Implant Listeners. (2016 May 17) Trends Hear 20(): Bierer JA, Spindler E, Bierer SM, Wright R

Rate discrimination, gap detection and ranking of temporal pitch in cochlear implant users. (2016 Aug) J Assoc Res Otolaryngol 17(4): 371-82 Cosentino S, Carlyon RP, Deeks JM, Parkinson W, Bierer JA