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Rehabilitation Medicine
BB-965 Health Sciences Bldg
Director, Speech Pathology Services

Kathryn M

Adjunct Professor
Recent Publications
Predicting Communicative Participation in Adults Across Communication Disorders. (2021 Mar 3) Am J Speech Lang Pathol Jin JL, Baylor C, Yorkston K

Exploring the Psychosocial Impact of Botulinum Toxin Type A Injections for Individuals With Oromandibular Dystonia: A Qualitative Study of Patients' Experiences. (2021 Feb 25) Am J Speech Lang Pathol Page AD, Elhayek N, Baylor C, Adams S, Jog M, Yorkston K

Training students from rehabilitation professions on communicating with patients with communication disorders. (2021 Feb 20) PM R Mach H, Baylor C, Burns M, Yorkston K

Beyond the Patient: A Mixed-Methods Inquiry Into Family Members' Involvement in the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease to Target Third-Party Disability. (2021 Jan 27) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 30(1): 169-185 Mach H, Baylor C, Hunting Pompon R, Yorkston K

Communicative Participation and Quality of Life in Pretreatment Oral and Oropharyngeal Head and Neck Cancer. (2021 Mar) Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 164(3): 616-623 Sauder C, Kapsner-Smith M, Baylor C, Yorkston K, Futran N, Eadie T