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Rehabilitation Medicine
BB-965 Health Sciences Bldg
Director, Speech Pathology Services

Kathryn M

Adjunct Professor
Recent Publications
The best possible start: A qualitative study on the experiences of parents of young children with or at risk for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. (2020 Feb) Res Dev Disabil 97(): 103558 Pruner M, Jirikowic T, Yorkston KM, Olson HC

Experiences of Speaking With Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation: A Qualitative Investigation. (2019 Jul 15) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 28(2S): 784-792 Britton D, Hoit JD, Pullen E, Benditt JO, Baylor CR, Yorkston KM

The Consequences of Oromandibular Dystonia on Communicative Participation: A Qualitative Study of the Insider's Experiences. (2019 Jul 15) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 28(2S): 771-783 Page AD, Siegel LH, Baylor CR, Adams SG, Yorkston KM

Teaching Medical Students Skills for Effective Communication With Patients Who Have Communication Disorders. (2019 Feb 21) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 28(1): 155-164 Baylor C, Burns M, McDonough K, Mach H, Yorkston K

Factors associated with disease self-efficacy in individuals aging with a disability. (2019 Dec) Psychol Health Med 24(10): 1171-1181 Amtmann D, Bamer AM, Nery-Hurwit MB, Liljenquist KS, Yorkston K