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Speech & Hearing Sciences
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Kelly L
Ph.D., CCC-A

Audiologist & Neuroscientist
Northwestern University (1992-1997) Evanston, Illinois, USA Ph.D. in Neuro and Communicationn Sciences and Disorders Dissertation Title: The Time Course of Auditory Learning
Honors & Awards: 
ASHA Fellow

Dr. Tremblay is an audiologist and an auditory neuroscientist who specializes in Aging and Communication. With this background she is keenly aware of the communication difficulties experienced by people with age-related hearing loss and developed a translational program of research aimed at optimizing auditory rehabilitation. People are living longer and thus the older proportion of the U.S. and global population is rapidly growing. According to the Census Bureau’s projection that the elderly population will more than double by the year 2040 and there are dire predictions about the inability to meet the health and communication needs of our aging society. Her research area addresses this concern in two ways: (1)  by identifying physiological and perceptual processes associated with aging and hearing loss. Her NIH funded research has yielded much information about the aging auditory system as well as the effects of amplification on the brain, and (2) by working with public health officials to disseminate and implement much needed information and services. She is currently leading a multi-country NIH funded study to identify universal unmet needs in hearing health care and is working with World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure these needs are addressed.

Recent Publications
Is the Device-Oriented Subjective Outcome (DOSO) Independent of Personality? (2017 Nov/Dec) J Am Acad Audiol 28(10): 932-940 Wu YH, Dumanch K, Stangl E, Miller C, Tremblay K, Bentler R

Working Memory and Speech Recognition in Noise Under Ecologically Relevant Listening Conditions: Effects of Visual Cues and Noise Type Among Adults With Hearing Loss. (2017 Aug 16) J Speech Lang Hear Res 60(8): 2310-2320 Miller CW, Stewart EK, Wu YH, Bishop C, Bentler RA, Tremblay K

Output signal-to-noise ratio and speech perception in noise: effects of algorithm. (2017 Aug) Int J Audiol 56(8): 568-579 Miller CW, Bentler RA, Wu YH, Lewis J, Tremblay K

Hearing Impairment and Cognitive Energy: The Framework for Understanding Effortful Listening (FUEL). (2016 Jul-Aug) Ear Hear 37 Suppl 1(): 5S-27S Pichora-Fuller MK, Kramer SE, Eckert MA, Edwards B, Hornsby BW, Humes LE, Lemke U, Lunner T, Matthen M, Mackersie CL, Naylor G, Phillips NA, Richter M, Rudner M, Sommers MS, Tremblay KL, Wingfield A

Listening and Learning: Cognitive Contributions to the Rehabilitation of Older Adults With and Without Audiometrically Defined Hearing Loss. (2016 Jul-Aug) Ear Hear 37 Suppl 1(): 155S-62S Tremblay KL, Backer KC