AuD, PhD

Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Maryland College Park, 2011
AuD, University of Maryland College Park, 2010
BA, University of Delaware, 2005
Academic Expertise: 
Speech perception
Cochlear implants
Listening effort
Binaural hearing

I am an audiologist and hearing scientist with training in speech science and linguistics. My research focuses on speech perception and aspects of hearing loss that make speech perception difficult. I work with people with typical ("normal") hearing and with cochlear implants. In particular, I am interested in measuring various aspects of hearing that are not well described by conventional testing. These include listening effort, spectral resolution, perceptual gradiency and binaural hearing. Additionally, I am passionate about developing open-source solutions for speech stimulus generation for experiments involving phonetic categorization and cue weighting, as well as analysis tools for pupillometry. My goal is to make a positive contribution to auditory science, the cognitive sciences, and the care of audiology patients. I aim to embody the mission of the NIH in terms of mentoring students in the area of bridging clinical practice and research, as well as incorporating a multidisciplinary approach to the hearing and speech sciences.

At the University of Washington, I direct the Listen Lab, which focuses on addressing things that can make everyday speech communication challenging. Our main areas of research are speech perception, listening effort, and binaural hearing.

Recent Publications
Evaluating the sources and functions of gradiency in phoneme categorization: An individual differences approach. (2017 Sep) J Exp Psychol Hum Percept Perform 43(9): 1594-1611 Kapnoula EC, Winn MB, Kong EJ, Edwards J, McMurray B

Vowel and consonant confusions from spectrally manipulated stimuli designed to simulate poor cochlear implant electrode-neuron interfaces. (2016 Dec) J Acoust Soc Am 140(6): 4404 DiNino M, Wright RA, Winn MB, Bierer JA

Assessment of Spectral and Temporal Resolution in Cochlear Implant Users Using Psychoacoustic Discrimination and Speech Cue Categorization. (2016 Nov/Dec) Ear Hear 37(6): e377-e390 Winn MB, Won JH, Moon IJ

The Acoustics of Word-Initial Fricatives and Their Effect on Word-Level Intelligibility in Children With Bilateral Cochlear Implants. (2017 Jan/Feb) Ear Hear 38(1): 42-56 Reidy PF, Kristensen K, Winn MB, Litovsky RY, Edwards JR

Discriminability and Perceptual Saliency of Temporal and Spectral Cues for Final Fricative Consonant Voicing in Simulated Cochlear-Implant and Bimodal Hearing. (2016 Jun 17) Trends Hear 20(): Kong YY, Winn MB, Poellmann K, Donaldson GS