Please take time to review the policies laid out in this section to ensure you make the most of your time spent in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences at the University of Washington.

Policies for Undergraduate Students

UW Satisfactory Progress (Undergraduate)

SPHSC Undergraduate Continuation & Progress

SPHSC Undergraduate Course Repetition

Transfer Credit



Policies for Graduate Students

The UW Graduate School maintains a complete listing of Graduate School Memoranda on their website for student reference. Below are some key policies for easy student access:

Applicant Agreement & Conditions of Acceptance

SPHSC Essential Functions

SPHSC Graduate Student Guide

SPHSC Graduate Clinician Manual

UW Scholarship (Graduate)

SPHSC Satisfactory Progress (MS)

SPHSC Satisfactory Progress (AuD)

Academic Records & Documentation

Transfer Credit



Final Quarter Registration

Graduate Registration Waiver

Thesis/Dissertation Submission


UW Graduate School Reinstatement

SPHSC Reinstatement

Academic Grievances

Policies for All UW Students

UW Student Code of Conduct

Registration Policies

Academic Assistance

If you are having academic struggles we encourage you to seek help from available campus resources such as tutoring and writing centers, the disability services office, the counseling center, and your academic advisors.

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising Office

This office maintains the most detailed list of helpful resources such as tutoring and writing centers, and information on what to do if you are having troubles inside or outside of class.

Graduate School Core Programs

Core Programs supports graduate students with personal, professional, and academic development