The graduate program and its timely completion is the sole responsibility of the student. From the time of their first enrollment, students must be registered each quarter until the completion of all degree requirements or apply for graduate “on leave” status. Students should familiarize themselves with the UW Graduate School Memo #9 which outlines the continuous enrollment and leave policies for all graduate students.

Students should always consult their Academic Advisor with degree program questions or inquiries regarding program modifications. All degree program changes must be submitted in writing and approved by the Graduate Program Coordinator and Interest Group Head.

Students should use MyPlan and DARS throughout their program to plan and track progress against degree requirements, and reference their program plans frequently.

PhD Program Plan

AuD/PhD Concurrent Program Plan

AuD Program Plan

MS-CoreSLP Program Plan

MS-MedSLP Program Plan

Visual Schedules


Winter 2018

MS 1st Year Winter 2018 Curriculum Schedule

MS 2nd Year Winter 2018 Curriculum Schedule

AuD 1st Year Winter 2018 Curriculum Schedule

AuD 2nd Year Winter 2018 Curriculum Schedule

AuD 3rd Year Winter 2018 Curriculum Schedule

Spring 2018

MS 1st Year Spring 2018 Curriculum Schedule

MS 2nd Year Spring 2018 Curriculum Schedule

AuD 1st Year Spring 2018 Curriculum Schedule 

AuD 2nd Year Spring 2018 Curriculum Schedule

AuD 3rd Year Spring 2018 Curriculum Schedule



Winter 2018

MS Winter 2018 Finals Schedule

AuD Winter 2018 Finals Schedule

Spring 2018

MS Spring 2018 Finals Schedule

AuD Spring 2018 Finals Schedule