All students accepted into the SPHSC major or Postbaccalaureate program must set up an initial planning meeting with their Undergraduate Advisor.  At this meeting students will  review the required curriculum, major options, and satisfactory progress expectations. Students should bring any questions or requests for exceptions or waivers to this meeting. Students will also learn more about other undergraduate opportunities, such as research, clinic observations, and school-based hearing screenings.

All students must familiarize themselves with the SPHSC Department's curriculum requirements as well as the College of Arts and Sciences baccalaureate degree requirements. The Undergraduate Advisor can answer questions about any of these requirements and assist students with the sequencing and planning of courses.

Undergraduate Major
Curriculum Requirements
College of Arts & Sciences Requirements
Undergraduate Major Academic Planning Worksheet

Postbaccalaureate Program
Curriculum Requirements
College of Arts & Sciences Areas of Knowledge Requirements
Postbac Program Academic Planning Worksheet

Throughout their program of study, students are expected to track their progress using the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) and to meet with their Undergraduate Advisor at least once a year to review their academic plan. Students are also required to communicate with their advisor if they wish to make any changes to their program that will impact registration or the sequencing of courses. For example, if they decided to double major, double degree, or add a minor to their program of study. 

In Autumn quarter of Senior year, all SPHSC undergraduates will be contacted by the Undergraduate Advisor to set up a graduation planning meeting. Typically held in October, students will work with their advisor to confirm the timeline for completing the B.S. requirements and to sign and submit the required baccalaureate degree graduation application, using the DARS Graduation Audit (GDARS).  The application is submitted by the advisor to the UW Graduation and Academic Records Office and this serves as a student's formal communication to the University of their readiness to graduate.  Graduation applications sent to the University by the priority deadline allow students to register early throughout their final year, using the “Graduating Senior Priority” process.  Students should note that this application is required for anyone who wishes to participate in the UW Commencement event held in June of each year.

Throughout their time in the undergraduate major or postbaccalaureate program, students should always consult their Undergraduate Adviser with degree program questions or inquiries regarding program modifications.