During the first quarter of graduate school, each Core Speech-Language Pathology student is required to select one of two possible emphasis paths of interest that will guide his/her program electives and the full-time internship experience. The paths include either an emphasis on pediatric or adult populations and issues.

Once an emphasis path is identified, each student is required to complete the designated within-department courses associated with the path, as well as complete one or more elective courses offered outside the department. To satisfy their elective requirements, students are able to take any coursework on the department’s Out-of-Department Elective Courses list. Elective courses of interest that are not on this list, however, are subject to adviser approval.

Please note that the emphasis path and elective courses are in addition to the required foundational courses identified in the regular program curriculum.

Pediatric Emphasis Path

Required Courses Offering
Take all of the following:
1. SPHSC 526 Dx & Tx of Literacy Disorders (3 cr) Summer Year 1 or 2
2. SPHSC 550 Public School Speech-Language Pathology &
Audiology (3 cr)
Winter Year 2
One elective course from outside the department. Course should be at the 400 level or above and must be a minimum of 2 credits. Courses can be taken with a satisfactory/not satisfactory grading option.

Adult Emphasis Path

Required Courses Offering
Choice of one course from the following list:  
SPHSC 545 Dx & Tx of Voice Disorders in Medical Settings (2 cr) Autumn Year 2
SPHSC 546 Advanced Neurological Language Disorders (2 cr) Winter Year 2
SPHSC 541 AAC - Medical Settings (2 cr) Spring Year 2
SPHSC 548 Traumatic Brain Injury Seminar (2 cr) Spring Year 2
Six credits of elective coursework. At least one course must be from outside the department. Medical SLP coursework from the list above may not be used for this requirement. Courses should be at the 400 level or above. Courses can be any number of credits and can be taken with a satisfactory/not satisfactory grading option.