To ensure everyone is in compliance and is safe in the workplace, all clinical graduate students are required to complete training in hazardous waste management. Students will not be allowed to participate in clinical training without a valid certification.

Students will complete the online training course offered through the University of Washington’s Environmental Health and Safety Department entitled “Hazardous Waste Management for Clinical & Hospital Staff”. This training is free to UW students, faculty and staff so you will need your UW NetId and student number to access this training. Your training is valid throughout your time in the program.

When registering for training you must provide the following information:

  • Your Program = Speech and Hearing Sciences / SLP or AuD
  • Your Student Number, so you are not mistaken for a UW Employee
  • Your Supervisor/Department Contact
  • The Departmental Box Number: 354875

Upload your training CERTIFICATE (not an email confirmation) to Typhon by September 29, 2017.