During your final quarter in the graduate program, you will need to take all of the following actions to facilitate your graduation and ensure timely awarding of your degree.

Register During your Final Quarter

You MUST be registered for classes on at least a part-time basis during the quarter in which you wish to graduate.

Submit an Online Master's Degree Request to the UW Graduate School

Degrees are not automatically awarded when requirements have been satisfied.  It is each student's responsibility to notify the University of his/her intent to graduate. At the beginning of the quarter in which you intend to graduate (for most of you this will be Summer Quarter), you must submit a master's degree request to the UW Graduate School.  

In order for the graduation process to go smoothly, it is critical that you submit this formal request for a Master’s Degree by the specified deadline.  If you miss the UW Graduate School deadline for submitting a request, you will have to delay your graduation by a quarter. Missing the deadline costs additional time and money so please heed the due dates! If you have any difficulties completing the master's degree request on the web, please contact Graduate Enrollment Management Services (GEMS) at uwgrad@uw.edu or 206-685-2630.

Review the UW Graduate School Degree Audit in MyGrad

Your online degree request triggers a series of steps behind the scenes to facilitate your graduation, including a preliminary Graduate School degree audit of your academic record. This audit is to run to verify you are eligible for graduation in accordance with the Graduate School requirements for the Master’s degree.  Please review this audit after submitting your Master's degree request.  

As long as you have followed your CoreSLP or MedSLP Program Plan, the course requirements will be satisfied. Any graduation issues or contingencies will be highlighted and identified during the degree audit. Please contact your advisor should you have any red flags or questions.

Please note that the department will also conduct a review of each student's academic record to ensure all requirements have been met and documents are accounted for.

  • A passing grade for each required didactic course in the graduate program
  • A Clinical Evaluation indicating a passing grade for each required and elective clinical practicum experience
  • Successful completion of Thesis requirements (as applicable)
  • Undergraduate transcript/s and documentation pertaining to completion of the ASHA-required coursework in:
    • Basic math and science
    • Basic human communication processes (normal)
    • Introductory knowledge in disorder areas (assessment & treatment)

At the time of this review, the department will identify any graduation contingencies as appropriate. These contingencies will reflect coursework you are currently taking and/or any courses with an incomplete or missing grade. Thus, your graduation will be contingent upon successful completion of any coursework currently in progress during the quarter in which you intend to graduate.

Submit a Clinical Clock Hour Summary Report

Once your last remaining Student Clinical Evaluations for practicum have been finalized and entered in Typhon, you will print off a PDF report summarizing your total clinical clock hours earned during the degree program. This must be turned into your advisor prior to the final day of Summer Quarter.

Complete your Master's Thesis Submission (as applicable)

Closely follow all of the required steps for submitting your Master's thesis as outlined on the UW Graduate School website. Once you have successfully submitted your thesis and other documentation, please turn in a copy of your signed thesis cover page to your academic advisor for departmental records. This must be turned in prior to the final day of Summer Quarter.

Complete the SPHSC M.S. Exit Survey

All graduating students are required to complete an exit survey prior to graduation. This survey will become available to you at the start of the quarter in which you graduate, and will close on the last day of the quarter. We cannot process your graduation until the survey is complete. Thank you in advance for your feedback which is critical to ensuring the quality of our degree programs. This must be completed by the final day of Summer Quarter.

You will receive an email with a link to this survey 4-6 weeks prior to the end of the quarter.

Schedule a Final Advising Meeteing (optional)

If you wish to hand in your paperwork in person and/or discuss anything (e.g., ASHA requirements, employment requirements, licensure, etc.), please schedule an appointment with your advisor prior to the last day of Summer Quarter.

Pick up or Request Mailing of Final M.S. Documentation from Department

After your degree requirements and completion of your exit survey are verified, the department will provide you with the following documentation (typically available the Wednesday after Summer quarter):

  1. An ASHA “Verification of Program” form that attests you have met all the ASHA requirements in order to apply for certification (CCCs).  You will keep this form somewhere safe and submit it to ASHA with your certification application after your Clinical Fellowship is complete. If you lose this form, there will be a $25 document replacement charge. Because we are an ASHA-accredited program, you only need to provide this form and applicable fees when applying for certification.  ASHA’s certification application and additional information is available online.
  2. Verification letters from the department to help facilitate the interim licensure and credential process for school or non-school Clinical Fellowship settings:
    • A letter for the Washington Department of Health (DOH) indicating you have completed all the academic requirements for interim SLP licensure in the state
    • A letter for the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) indicating you have complete all the academic requirements for an interim ESA credential to practice as an SLP in the Washington public schools

Take Care of Final Logistics

  • Update your contact information and mailing address in MyUW.
  • Clean out your locker in Eagleson Hall.
  • Return all department keys and building fobs to the receptionist at the front desk.