New doctoral students are required to attend the 2017 Teaching Assistant (TA) Conference offered through the UW’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). The conference is designed to help graduate students prepare for their roles and responsibilities as TAs at the University and to provide them with the opportunity to develop skills as scholars teaching in their disciplines. Please take some time to review this year’s conference program.

The conference is being held on Tuesday, September 19th and Wednesday, September 20th from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Any new doctoral students who are not native speakers of English are also required to register for and attend the International TA Program workshops on Monday, September 18, 2017 from 11:30 – 4:00 p.m.

To participate, please take the following actions between June 21, 2017 and August 6, 2017

  1. Register for the Conference via MyUW
    Register online for the TA conference by enrolling in 1 credit of GRDSCH 501 TA Preparation through the UW Time Schedule.  Additional instructions on registering for this course are found on the CTL website.

    Be aware that new students enrolled in the conference must register for at least three sessions/workshops and complete four interactive (and brief) online assignments during Autumn quarter. All assignments will be done online through a Canvas course website for GRADSCH 501.

  2. Register for Specific Conference Sessions via CTL (opens Wednesday 6/21)

    Students will also register online through the Center for Teaching and Learning for specific conference workshops (see below). After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a list of the workshops for which you have enrolled.

We require our new SPHSC students to register for:

  • Plenary Session 1 which provides students with foundational information about their professional roles as TAs, UW resources and policies, etc.
  • Four individual workshops of their choice from the list below. These smaller sessions are led by experienced graduate students, faculty and staff from departments throughout the University.  We recommend any of the following topics and encourage you to obtain suggestions from your mentor.

Teaching in Lab Settings

  • Teaching in Lab Settings: First Day and Beyond
  • Teaching One-to-One in Office Hours & Study Centers
  • Teaching Social Science & Humanities Quiz Sections
  • Teaching Your Own Class: First Day and Beyond

Effective Teaching

  • Activities to Engage Your Students in Learning
  • Dealing With Difficult Classroom Situations
  • Including All Students: Teaching in the Diverse Classroom
  • How Student Learn:  Applying the Principles of Learning to Teaching
  • Planning and Facilitating Discussions
  • Presenting Information Effectively In The Classroom

Assessing Student Work

  • Grading Short-Answer Questions on Homework, Exams, or Lab Reports
  • Responding to Longer Student Essays and Assigning Grades

Professional Development

  • Balancing Graduate School Demands
  • Gathering and Using Student Feedback to Improve Your Teaching
  • Presenting Your Research Effectively

UW-IT Learning Technologies Workshops

  • Canvas Learning Management System: Part 1 & Part 2
  • Canvas Quizzing
  • Canvas Collaboration
  • Canvas Rubrics
  • Lecture Capture
  • Surveys in WebQ
  • Using Lecture Capture Video Recording to Enhance Learning