As a condition of admission, all new graduate students are REQUIRED to complete and successfully pass a national background check through the University’s online vendor Verified Credentials, Inc. within 30 days of receiving our welcome letter and instructions or by June 23rd, 2017. Please note that in the absence of a successful background check, an offer of admission can be rescinded.

The fee for completing the background check through our vendor is $59.00. Once complete, the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences will automatically receive an electronic copy of your completed Verified Credentials background check report. Please save an electronic PDF copy of your background check and upload it to Typhon by September 29, 2017.

It is important that students in our programs receive certification that there is no evidence of a Child and Adult Abuse Law (CAAL) conviction or criminal history. If there is a conviction that would prevent the student from completing the required clinical experiences in our programs, and thus prevent him/her from fulfilling the program requirements, he/she will be denied admission.

A non-CAAL conviction/criminal history record, however, does not necessarily disqualify an individual for admission. When considering individuals for admission, conviction/criminal history records are reviewed as they relate to the content and nature of the curriculum and the safety and security of clients and the public. Should the background check provide evidence of a positive criminal history or raise any areas of concern related to a student’s participation in a graduate program, he/she will be contacted by a representative of the Speech & Hearing Sciences Department.

In addition to this initial background check, students in our clinical programs are required to complete additional background checks according to degree-specific plans and schedules outlined in our SPHSC Clinical Compliance Policy. These schedules were established to meet the placement requirements of the clinical facilities with whom we partner. Please note that it is possible for placement sites to request additional background checks or updates, outside of what students already complete. For placements at federal sites, students often must complete background check through the site’s HR department instead of the UW’s vendor, Verified Credentials. In any of these instances, students are still responsible for reporting the results of the background check to the Department and uploading a copy of the background check to the Typhon system. In these instances, students will be notified by the Fieldwork Operations Specialist of any additional requirements.

Access the Verified Credentials, Inc. background check system through the student portal and follow the specific background check instructions for your degree program: