During your final quarter in the graduate program, you will need to take all of the following actions to facilitate your graduation and ensure timely awarding of your degree.

Register During Your Final Quarter

You MUST be registered for classes on at least a part-time basis during the quarter in which you wish to graduate.

Apply to Graduate Through the UW Graduate School via a "Final Exam" Request

For all clinical/practice doctorate degrees, students are required to complete and pass a research project with both written and oral defense components.  This is referred to as a “Final Exam.” Per Graduate School requirements, students must complete their final exams during the quarter in which they intend to graduate.  

As you know, our program is unique in that you complete this research requirement during your 3rd year prior to completing your externship.   In order for you to graduate, we need to register your final exam with the Graduate School during the last quarter of your program (Spring) even though you have already completed the requirement.

To facilitate your graduation, please log into MyGrad program and select “Schedule a doctoral general or final exam”.   Enter the information below in MyGrad and submit it for approval.  This “Final Exam Request” will come to the Department and we will approve your request.

Contact your advisor for the exam time, date, and location.

Review Your UW Graduate School Degree Audit in MyGrad

Your online "Final Exam" request will trigger a series of steps behind the scenes to facilitate your graduation, including a preliminary Graduate School degree audit of your academic record, to verify you are eligible to graduate in accordance with the Graduate School requirements for the Doctoral degree. Please review this audit after submitting your Final Exam request. You access your degree audit (DARS) through MyPlan.

As long as you have followed your AuD Program Plan, the course requirements will be satisfied.  You MUST be registered for classes on at least a part-time basis during the quarter in which you wish to graduate. Any graduation issues or contingencies will be highlighted and identified during the degree audit.  Please contact your advisor should have any red flags or questions.

Please note that the department will also conduct a review of each student's academic record to ensure all requirements have been met and documents are accounted for.

  • A passing grade for each required didactic course in the graduate program
  • A Clinical Evaluation indicating a passing grade for each required and elective clinical practicum experience
  • Successful completion of written and clinical Comprehensive Examinations as appropriate
  • Undergraduate transcript/s and documentation pertaining to completion of the ASHA-required coursework in:
    • Basic math and science
    • Basic human communication processes (normal)
    • Introductory knowledge in disorder areas (assessment & treatment)

At the time of this review, the department will identify any graduation contingencies as appropriate. These contingencies will reflect coursework you are currently taking and/or any courses with an incomplete or missing grade. Thus, your graduation will be contingent upon successful completion of any coursework currently in progress during the quarter in which you intend to graduate.

Clinical Clock Hour Report and Verification

All Students will submit a report for verification of all clock hours accrued through the end of May. Please send this document by June 1st. Follow the steps below carefully.

The report you send must have the column “Total Allocated Time” with a summed total at the bottom. Some students will submit this document twice (see #2). Send the report to Martha Harney (mharney@uw.edu) and Graduate Advising (shgradv@uw.edu).

  1. Generate a report from Typhon
    • Go to My Time Logs
    • Check box in upper left corner to display patient, consult and conference time (case logs)
    • Apply Filter
    • Download to excel
    • Add Column labeled: Total Allocated Hours
    • Send the form to mharney@uw.edu
    • This form must be submitted by June 1st
  2. If you are continuing in your site through June 30th , you must create and submit this form again at the end of the month (June 30th)
  3. We have run audits for all students and will subtract the number of hours you accrued under a supervisor without ASHA CCCs.

Complete the Required AuD Program Exit Survey

All graduating students are required to complete an exit survey prior to graduation. Thank you in advance for your feedback, which is critical to ensuring the quality of our degree programs. We ask you to complete this survey no later than June 1st.

Complete the Required Site/Preceptor Evaluation

Submit an evaluation of each site and preceptor that you worked with during your externship no later than the Friday before graduation.

Pick up or Request Mailing of Final AuD Documentation from Department

Student Services will verify your completion of the degree requirements and exit survey, and if all is in order will then provide you with the following document the Wednesday after the end of Spring Quarter:

 ASHA Verification by Program Director Form

  • This is a very important document so please keep it safe!! If you lose it, there will be a $25 document replacement charge.
  • Because the AuD program is CAA accredited, this is the only document that you will need from the department when applying to ASHA for clinical certification in audiology.
  • When applying for ASHA certification, you will attach this Verification by Program Director form and an official UW transcript, documenting your completed graduate courses to your application form.
  • The Department will sign this form and have it ready for you once you submit the documentation above. Do not contact the department to have signed prior to submitting the above documentation.
  • The form will be placed in your Eagleson mailbox unless you have made specific arrangements to have it mailed.
  • Make a copy of this document as you may need one for applying for state licensure.

Final Logistics

  • When do I get my diploma? While the actual diploma may take 3-4 months to receive, the Graduate Schools makes it a priority to process students who have licensing requirements first, including Audiology. From the day you receive the automatic email that you have graduated, allow 2-3 days to obtain an official transcript.
  • ASHA Certification: You are responsible for submitting all certification paperwork to ASHA. This is available online.
  • Washington State Licensure
    • Application Form
    • Scroll down and you'll see the entire application form. You do not need to apply for the interim permit.
    • Use your second "Verification by Program Director" form signed to send in with the DOH application.
  • Bonding:  Every individual will be required to be covered by a surety bond in the sum of ten thousand dollars (reference RCW 18.35.240).
  • HIV/AID Training:  You will need to take 4 hours of HIV/Aids Training for the license which you can do Spring quarter - go here for a list of classes offered in the area.
  • Set up a placement file as desired
    • The Center for Career Services has a placement file service which stores your resume and letters of recommendation for a nominal fee.
  • UW Housekeeping
    • Update your contact information and mailing address in MyUW
    • If you have a locker in Eagleson Hall, please it clean it out.
    • Return all department keys and building fobs to the receptionist at the front desk.