All new graduate students are required to establish a unique UW Internet ID and UW Deskmail account at the University. These items need to be set up in a coordinated fashion once you pay your Enrollment Confirmation Deposit to either the University Registrar or PCE and have received an enrollment confirmation notice. Please complete these actions within the next 30 days and no later than June 23, 2017. *NOTE: We will not be able to compile contact lists or create group listservs for you to communicate with one another until all students have set up a NetID.

  1. UW Internet ID (NetID)*
    Students will first set up a new UW internet ID account and password. To do so, go to UW IT Connect and follow the steps provided. If you were previously a matriculated UW student, you will use your existing/old UW NetID.

    Once your account has been established, all students must send their NetID via email to Graduate Student Services ( When the advising team receives your UW NetID information, it will be added to a special UW Deskmail permissions list.

    Once you’ve been added to the list, you will be sent a confirmation email instructing you to move ahead with setting up a UW Deskmail account. You cannot set up your UW Deskmail account until you send us your UW NetID and receive email permission from student services to move forward with email setup.

    *If you set up a NetID prior to receiving your welcome email, we already have it. Watch for an email to the larger group indicating that we are ready for you to set up your deskmail account.

  2. UW Deskmail Account (Email)
    When students traditionally sign up for e-mail service at the UW, they are asked to sign up through UW Outlook Live or UW Google Email. However, as an SPHSC student clinician, you may be communicating sensitive patient/client information that cannot be transmitted via the Outlook or Google servers. For this reason, you will need to sign up for UW Email also known as UW Deskmail.

    Even though the website says that as students you are not eligible for Deskmail, please know that this is not the case. As student clinicians you have been placed in an exceptions group by us which allows you to sign up for UW Deskmail. Please DO NOT sign up for UW Outlook or UW Google Email.

    Please read our UW Deskmail Activation Instructions and then set up your new UW Deskmail Account through the UW IT Connect website.

    If you encounter any difficulties with the email set up process OR you mistakenly set up your email through Outlook Live or Google instead of UW Deskmail, please contact UW IT Connect help for assistance.