Every year we like to provide incoming students with some readings to help prepare them for clinical study and graduate school. Before you arrive, we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the following, which you will receive via email:

  1. Developmental Milestones Guide
    Please refresh your knowledge of typical speech and hearing development in order to best support your learning of disorders and differences. Be sure to review milestones pertaining to feeding, speech sound acquisition, phonological awareness, early literacy skills, vocabulary, syntax, morphology, mean length of utterance, cognitive concepts, questions, listening, pragmatics, etc.
  2. Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Guide
    Please acclimate yourself to the principles and tools of evidence-based practice. EBP is the use of current research evidence in making decisions about how to evaluate and treat clients. Your graduate studies will focus on how to provide optimal clinical services to your clients by integrating the best available evidence of what works with your own clinical expertise/experience and client/family input.
  3. SPHSC Graduate Clinician Manual
    During orientation, every graduate student will receive this manual to guide their clinical practice and service delivery while working in the UW Speech and Hearing Clinic. Our outpatient clinic provides prevention, screening, diagnostic and treatment services for children and adults across the lifespan. While you will receive an updated 2017-2018 version this fall, please take some time before school starts to familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures for our clinic.
  4. Graduate School Articles
    Graduate school is a challenging and rewarding time. Please take some time to read these articles about the transition from undergraduate or employee to graduate student.
  • How Graduate School Is Different from College
  • 21 Tips for College Success
  • Staying Motivated in Graduate School