SLP Programs only

All CoreSLP and MedSLP students must provide written documentation of a minimum of 25 hours of clinical observation in speech-language pathology before the start of Autumn quarter. Observation hours typically occur at the undergraduate level and precede direct contact with clients/patients. We require that applicants complete the required observation hours prior to beginning the graduate program.

In accordance with ASHA’s requirements for certification, all observation hours must be within the scope of practice of speech-language pathology. Observation experiences must be under the direction of a qualified clinical supervisor who holds current ASHA certification in speech-language pathology and the supervisor must sign/approve your observation hours. Direction by a clinical supervisor may occur simultaneously with an observation or may be through review and approval of written reports or summaries submitted by the observer. Observations may also be completed by viewing videotapes of the provision of client services.

Documented proof of observation hours must include the number of hours, the area in which the hours were obtained (e.g., diagnosis or treatment, speech, language, voice, etc.) and the signature of the ASHA certified SLP who supervised. If you cannot locate your observation hour documentation, a signed letter from an ASHA-certified clinic director at the observation site(s) verifying your hours is also acceptable.

Please hand deliver your documentation to Chrissie Chang when you arrive on campus for your graduate program, and no later than September 29, 2017. This information will not be uploaded to Typhon, but kept in your academic file.