For all new students, Autumn quarter 2017 registration runs from June 19, 2017 through September 26, 2017. As you move forward at the UW, quarterly registration dates can always be found on the UW Academic Calendar.

Program-Specific Registration Guides

Information regarding registration procedures for each program, including clinical assignments, is available in the following guides:

​​Special PCE Registration Instructions for our fee-based programs are available in the following documents:

Once officially registered for courses, students are able to access all University of Washington services. Please note that registration for new students is contingent upon successful completion of the following items:

  • Enrollment confirmation deposit payment
  • UW Internet ID set up
  • UW Immunization requirement submission
  • Department’s National Criminal Background Check

How students register varies by graduate program. Please carefully review the procedures above for your specific degree.

Visual Schedules for Autumn 2017

Useful Registration Tools