The following criteria are used to evaluate and select students for the Honors Program:

  • Strength of the student’s academic record
  • Written and oral communication abilities
  • Promise in the area of study
  • Availability of a faculty mentor

All applicants will be notified of decisions by the Undergraduate Advisor during Spring quarter. Successful applicants will also be informed of their assigned faculty mentors at that time. All students who wish to accept their Honors Program offer must submit a letter of acceptance to the Undergraduate Advisor at This acceptance indicates the student’s agreement to complete all Honors Program requirements.

Students must notify the Undergraduate Advisor and faculty mentor in writing if at any time during the Honors Program they become ineligible to continue or decide to discontinue their participation in the program.

Students should also note that admission/acceptance into the Honors Program does not guarantee admission to any of the UW Speech and Hearing Sciences Graduate Programs (M.S., Au.D., Ph.D.).

Appeals Procedure

Any student denied acceptance may request reconsideration of his/her application by submitting a formal written appeal to the Undergraduate Advisor at Included with any formal request for review must be additional, substantive information in support of the student’s appeal or such other information which the student considers relevant.