Non-matriculated (NM) status is an undergraduate status and students in this status do not earn graduate credit, even if the courses they take are at the graduate level. Credits earned in this status can apply to an undergraduate degree if the student later becomes matriculated or may be used in preparation for graduate school. The credits can never be counted as graduate credit at the University of Washington, even if the student later becomes a graduate student.

Students do not need to apply for Non-matriculated (NM) status. Registration occurs through UW Professional & Continuing Education (UW PCE) and there are separate instructions for registration during Summer quarter. More information is located on the Non-matriculated Students section of the UW PCE website.

In the Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences:

  • Non-Matriculated (NM) course registration is available for both undergraduate and graduate level courses.
  • Approval for NM course registration is on a case-by-case basis and students may only have access to certain courses. Students are unable to register for any graduate level clinical courses or clinical practica as a NM student. 

Registration procedures for Undergraduate Courses

The department offers both state (undergrad major) and fee-based (Postbaccaluareate) courses at the undergraduate level. There are different forms and procedures depending on the type of course. Forms and questions should be directed to our Undergraduate Advisor at or 206-685-7403. 

Registration Procedures for Graduate Courses

The department offers both state and fee-based courses at the graduate level. However, NM students are only able to take state courses and they cannot register for clinical courses/practica. Forms and questions should be directed to our Graduate Program Advisors at or 206-685-7402.

  • Review the online SPHSC course catalog to identify the graduate course(s) you wish to take, noting any prerequisites.
  • Submit an application to the UW Department of Speech of Hearing Sciences that includes:
    1. Statement of interest describing why you wish to take the course(s) and how it will further your academic or career goals 
    2. Two letters of recommendation
    3. Current transcript of graduate and undergraduate coursework (unofficial is acceptable)    
  • If approved by the SPHSC department:
    1. Read the NM Non-Degree Registration Checklist
    2. Complete the NM Registration Approval Form
    3. Complete the NM Registration Form
    4. Collect signatures from the department
    5. Submit forms and payment to UW PCE