While enrolled in your graduate program, you will register for all your courses online via MyUW. Instructions for how and when to register can be found on the UW Registrar’s Office website. Registration dates for each quarter are also posted on the UW Academic Calendar and it is each student’s responsibility to register according to these dates. We encourage students new to the UW to review the MyUW video tutorials as well as the Registration web tutorial.

Because the doctoral program is a mentoring program, Ph.D. students will plan their curriculum directly with their assigned mentor. Thus, students should only register for classes after meeting with their mentors to identify coursework and research enrollment. 

Each quarter you can find our department’s curriculum online by visiting the UW Time Schedule.  The Speech and Hearing Sciences curriculum is listed by academic quarter and can be located within the “College of Arts & Sciences”.  The department’s Autumn curriculum lists the times, locations and instructors for each of these required classes.

Books & Materials

If there are required textbooks for your class, you can find this information on the Time Schedule. Simply click on the Schedule Line Number (SLN) for the course and then select “Display Textbooks”. Unlike undergraduate courses, however, most graduate level instructors will inform you of their textbook and material requirements (e.g., reading packets) either via email or on the first day of class. You may find some listed on the Time Schedule, but anticipate hearing about books and materials the first week of school.