The Ph.D. program provides an individualized course of study, including coursework in research design, statistics, grant writing, and teaching methodology. Each student’s work is designed around his or her primary objectives and interests, and the final program of study evolves as a joint plan between the student and his/her mentor and advisory committee. In the context of some program customization, though, all students will complete the following:

    • A three-quarter, introductory level, doctoral course sequence in speech, hearing and language science and disorders (SPHSC 560, 561 and 562)

    • A two-quarter Instructional Development Forum focused on teaching techniques and issues (SPHSC 567)
    • A quarterly Doctoral Research Forum (SPHSC 567)
    • A research methods course (SPHSC 504 or 506)
    • A minimum of 4 statistics courses (chosen in consultation with advisory committee)
    • A grant-writing course (SPHSC 568)
    • If the student’s initial degree is in a field other than Speech and Hearing Sciences, he /she may need to complete foundational undergraduate coursework in one or more of the following areas. This will be determined by the student's advisory committee upon entry in to the program.
      • speech science
      • language science
      • hearing science
      • communication disorders

    Any additional coursework is planned and completed in consultation with the student's mentor and advisory committee.