The doctoral program is full-time and cannot be completed on a part-time basis. All students are required to enroll during three quarters of the academic year (Autumn, Winter, Spring), and often enroll during summer quarter if funding is available.

The doctoral program is organized around an apprenticeship model with close, individualized relationships and mentoring. The UW Graduate School provides several resources to students related to graduate level mentoring. Completion of doctoral study typically requires 4 years for students who enter the program with a Master's degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences. The time required to complete the doctorate will vary with the student's background and interests, but should not exceed 10 years including any time spent on leave. 

The Graduate School has established minimum requirements for the doctoral degree and it is each student’s responsibility to ensure they are met. The Department has also established minimum requirements that must be met by all students for the doctoral degree, across the areas of coursework, research, and teaching.  Per UW Graduate School policy, all students must satisfy the minimum requirements that are in force at the time the degree is to be awarded. 

Because the program provides an individualized course of study, coursework and timeframe to completion will vary across students. Students should consult with their assigned mentor and/or supervisory committee about specific coursework and sequencinng. Students should contact their Academic Advisor for any questions pertaining to registration, committees, funding, research, etc. 

Consult your complete program plan for more information.