PhD students are required to complete a number of research-related requirements. All students are required to:

  1. Register for and participate in the Doctoral Research Forum each quarter (SPHSC 567).
  2. Attend the monthly Seminars in Hearing and Communication Sciences lecture series (SHACS).
  3. Conduct supervised research by the end of the first year in the program.
  4. Complete a pre-dissertation research project (PDP) by the end of the second year in the program. The results of this project are presented at the Doctoral Research Forum and the expectation is that the PDP will result in a publishable paper.
  5. Demonstrate technical expertise in instrumentation and computing appropriate to the their area of interest.
  6. Create a doctoral supervisory committee and pass a written and oral General Examination focused on the student’s chosen research area. This typically occurs at the end of the second year of study and it is required for advancement to PhD candidacy and to initiatiate dissertation research.
  7. Complete a written dissertation based on independent research (including a minimum of 27 quarter hours of SPHSC 800, Doctoral Dissertation).
  8. Pass an oral defense of their doctoral dissertation and conduct a public presentation of their final research findings.