The Postbaccalaureate degree is a five-quarter (64 credit) structured program. All Postbac students must complete the coursework in the order outlined below. If students are waived out of one or more degree program requirements because of prior coursework, they may not change the sequence of their program to consolidate courses.

Please note that students who are waived out of degree program requirements due to prior coursework may end up enrolling in as few as one or two courses in some quarter(s), because of the fixed nature of the program. In addition, students with course waivers may not have full time status (12 credits) in some quarters which can impact financial aid.

For details on the specific meeting days and times for the Postbac courses, students should consult the online UW PCE Time Schedule. The Speech and Hearing Sciences courses are listed quarterly within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Summer 1




Summer 2

250 (5 cr)

303 (3 cr)*

302 (3 cr)

304 (5 cr)

406 (4 cr)

261 (4 cr)

305 (5 cr)

405 (3 cr)

320 (5 cr)

449 (4 cr)

308 (3 cr)

471 (4 cr)

425 (4 cr)

461 (5 cr)


371 (3 cr)


481 (4 cr)


15 credits

12 credits

14 credits

15 credits

8 credits


*Students may substitute LING 200, 203, or 400 for the SPHSC 303 requirement. We do not recommend students take SPHSC 303 to fulfill department requirements if they have already taken LING 200/400 and earned a strong grade.