Phonomotor Therapy Materials

Guide to Phonomotor Therapy

Research articles

  • Kendall, D., Modestad, M., Allen, W., Torrence, J., Nadeau, S. (2019) Phonomotor versus Semantic Feature Analysis Treatment for Anomia in 58 Persons with Aphasia:  A Randomized Controlled Trial.  Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research, Vol 62, Issue 12.
  • Kendall, D., Oelke, M., Brookshire, C.E., Nadeau, S.E. (2015). The influence of phonomotor treatment on word retrieval abilities in 26 individuals with chronic aphasia: An open trial. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, 58(3): 798-812. (PDF)
    • Appendix A is a condensed table outlining the materials, stages, and tasks for phonomotor treatment.
  • Kendall, D. L. & Nadeau, S. E. (2016). The Phonomotor Approach to Treating Phonological-based language deficits in people with aphasia. Topics in Language Disorders, (36)2: 109-122. (PDF)

Online CEU Course

  • Phonomotor Treatment for Individuals with Aphasia: Evidence Based Practice. Offered through Medbridge Education; requires yearly subscription. (link to course)

Treatment Materials

  • Mouth Pictures: Color photographs for you to print and cut out for your own materials
  • Consonant chart: shows you consonant order within context of the program 
  • Vowel chart: shows you vowel order within context of the program 
  • Consonant “cheat sheet”: consonant mouth pictures with corresponding graphemes/IPA symbols
  • Vowel “cheat sheet”: vowel sounds with corresponding real words 
  • Blank vowel circle: use this template when introducing vowels
  • Letters/Icons: All consonant and vowel letters used in the program can be found here. Below the letters are options for "quiet" and "noisy" icons. Feel free to print/cut/laminate for use in your clinic.

Treatment Stimuli (as described in JSLHR article)

Standardized Assessment of Phonology in Aphasia (SAPA)

Other Online CEU Courses offered through Medbridge

  • Building Counseling  Skills, presented by Rebecca Hunting Pompon, Ph.D. (link to course)
  • Verb Network Strengthening Treatment, presented by Lisa Edmonds, Ph.D. (link to course)
  • Primary Progressive Aphasia, Presented by Cynthia Thompson, Ph.D. (link to course)
  • Attacking the Literature: From Journal to Bedside, presented by Michael Dickey, Ph.D. (link to course)

Counseling Resources

  • “Counseling the Caregiver,” an ASHA Leader article on tailoring counseling to caregivers over time. (link to article)