Prospective Ph.D. students

  • The University of Washington SPHSC Doctoral Program is based on an apprenticeship model with strong mentoring where you work closely with a faculty member in your area of interest.  If you are interested in learning more about the doctoral program, please visit the Academics page
  • The aphasia lab is not currently accepting new PhD students.

Interested in volunteering in the UW Aphasia Research Lab?

  • Please email the lab manager at to let us know about your interest.
  • Include in your email the following:
    • Year/program
    • Brief statement about why you are interested in volunteering in the lab
    • Current resume/CV
  • Long-term volunteer positions (typicall one year) will be posted to Speech and Hearing Sciences Department listervs. However, we also occassionally recruit students for short-term volunteer positions.

Journal Club

Current volunteers and other interested students are welcome to join our Journal Club. For JC schedule and links to readings visit our Canvas site

Current and Future Student Volunteers


  • Prior to starting work in the Aphasia Research Lab, we would like students to become familiar with the fundamental concepts and language models that guide research in the lab. Please read the following articles prior to starting work in the lab (link to articles):
    • “A Spreading Activation Theory of Retrieval in Sentence Production,” Gary S. Dell, 1986. (PDF)
    • “Why is it dificult to predict language impairment and outcome in patients with aphasia after stroke?” Andreas Charidimou et. al., 2014.  (link to PDF)
    • “How can connectionist cognitive models of language inform models of language rehabilitation?” Nadine Martin, Matti laine, and Trevor A. Harley.  From The Handbook of Adult language Disorders, 2002. (link to PDF)

HIPAA Training

  • New student volunteers will also need to complete HIPAA  training. In order to set up your training, please email the following information to the lab manager at
    • Full name
    • UW NetID
    • Student #
    • Volunteer start date
  • Once you have completed the training, send a PDF of your HIPAA certificate to the lab manager for our records.