The Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences will hold its 2017 SPHSC Recognition Celebration on:

Saturday June 10, 2017

8:30 - 10:30 a.m.

Kane Hall

Graduating students interested in participating in this event must register in order to be included in the ceremony. Registration for this event is separate from UW Commencement registration. You will receive departmental registration instructions via email.

Our recognition ceremony is an important tradition in our department and it's held the same day as UW Commencement so that students can participate in both events should they wish. Participation in the SPHSC Recognition Ceremony is not required, but it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the many accomplishments of our department’s graduating students, as well as honor one of our distinguished alumni.

Each graduating student who participates in our ceremony is welcome to invite family and friends to join in the celebration. All participants are given 6 tickets. The event is sponsored by the department and is provided at no cost to those who attend.  Our graduates do not wear caps and gowns for the SPHSC Annual Recognition Ceremony, so that students do not incur a cost to attend this special event, but we do “dress to impress”.

Registration and other important information will be available here in Spring Quarter. Please check back to ensure you meet all your deadlines!