Supervision Guidelines for Audiology Practica TEST

The follow documents provides information about supervisor, student, and UW SPHSC responsibilities.

AuD General Information & Procedures Download
General overview of site, student, and UW SPHSC responsibilities.

2nd Yr AuD Rotation Supervising Guidelines Download
Quarterly Learning Expectations for students in offsite placements.

Typhon Allied Health Student Tracking System

Our community supervisors use Typhon to approve their student's case logs and complete student clinical evaluations. Every new supervisor will receive an email from Nancy Alarcon via Typhon with login information. Please review the presentation below for detailed instructions on accessing and using Typhon. This information will also be posted to Typhon for your access.

Introduction to Typhon Systems for Supervisors View

Clinical Education and Supervision Articles

Collaborative Model to Improve Training in Medical Settings Download View
Collaborative Model to Improve Training in Medical Settings

Mid-Semester Self-Evaluation to Improve Clinical Performance Download View
Mid-Semester Self-Evaluation to Improve Clinical Performance

Jean Anderson's Continuum Model of Supervision Download
Jean Anderson's Continuum Model of Supervision

Online Resources for Preceptor Education Download
Online Resources for Preceptor Education

Supervision Workshops

Difficult Conversations — Judy Stone Goldman Download View
This is Judy Stone-Goldman's handout from Grand Rounds on March 31, 2011.

Challenging Scenarios Download
This document contains the "Challenging Scenarios" discussed at the Supervisor Workshop in September 2010.

Supervisor-Clinician Relationships Slides Download View
Trends in Clinical Education: Part 2 Winter 2015 by Dr. Rebecca Hunting Pompon

Alarcon - Managing Expectations Download
Inservice May 2016

July 2016 - UW Full Day Handout Download View
2016 Summer Institute - Handout #1

July 2016 - Seattle Slides Handout Download View
2016 Summer Institute - Handout #2

July 2016 - ASHA CE Participant Form Download View
July 2016 - ASHA CE Participant Form

July 2016 - Assessment of Learning & Program Evaluation Download
July 2016 - Assessment of Learning & Program Evaluation

Medicare and Students

Student Clinical Evaluations on Typhon Allied Health System

Please review this evaluation tool and consider it as you and your student establish learning goals at your site. Supervisors who jointly mentor a student can use this form to collaborate on evaluations prior to completing the official evaluations online via Typhon Allied Health System at the mid-term and final part of the quarter.

3rd Yr AuD SCE Download View
Sample SCE for 3rd year offsite placements.

2nd Yr AuD SCE Short Form Download View
Sample SCE for 2nd year offsite placements.

Supervisor/Site Information

If you and/or your site are new to supervision, or you have updated information, please submit the following form to the Faculty Fieldwork Coordinator prior to the start of student placements.

Supervisor-Site-Services Profile Download
Your contact info, check-list and summary of site's services for us to consider as we place students.

May 2016 Inservice - Managing Expectations Resources

The following resources are shared from community supervisors



GOALS Download View


Practicum Evaluation Download View

Self Assessment Doc Download View

Hearing and Balance Lab Download View
2nd Year Student Syllabus

Copy of Skill Development Plan Download

Placement Expectation Worksheet Download View

Placement Expectation Worksheet Download View

AuD 2nd Year Rotation Guidelines Download

General Participation Requirements

Per ASHA and Washington State requirements and recommendations, all supervisors must:

  1. Have proof of a valid WA state license (non-school setting) or valid ESA certificate (school setting) and ASHA certification.  Our department asks that each new supervisor complete a supervisor profile for ASHA reporting purposes.

  2. Have a minimum of two years clinical experience.

  3. Demonstrate competence in clinical supervision through completion of special training (e.g., continuing education offerings, graduate program courses, etc.)

To meet the ASHA recommendations for clinical supervisor preparation, the Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences offers quarterly supervisor training workshops for the community. These workshops are complimentary and participants are eligible for free ASHA CEUs. The Department will communicate continuing education opportunities as they arise.

General Supervisory Responsibilities

Provide a structured practicum experience in which clinical goals and objectives are clearly identified.

  1. Provide regular direction, modeling, facilitation, collaboration and feedback to the student regarding development and refinement of his/her assessment, treatment, communication, and interpersonal skills.

  2. Complete formal mid-term and final written evaluations with the student, making recommendation for credit/no credit and identifying clinical and professional goals/next steps.

  3. Provide information regarding the underlying clinical research base for practice, as well as the ethical, legal, regulatory, and reimbursement aspects of the profession.

Please review and familiarize yourself with the documents below (University of Washington Documents).

ASHA Guidelines for Clinical Supervisors

More information on guidelines for clinical supervisors can be found in the following position statements:

ASHA Position Statements

  1. Clinical Supervision in Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology

  2. Supervision of Student Clinicians: Board of Ethics