Each student participating in the SPHSC Recognition Ceremony on June 9, 2018 will receive 6 guest tickets. There is no cost for these tickets as the Recognition Ceremony is free to all students. Tickets will be distributed the week of May 22nd.

Ticket Distribution Information

For everyone who is attending, your 6 allocated tickets will be placed in your student mailbox/folder the week of May 22nd.  If you are out-of-state or off-campus and cannot pick up your tickets, please ask a peer to pick them up for you prior to the ceremony.  You may also email your advisor and request they hold them for you.  With either option, you MUST pick up your tickets before the ceremony on June 9th.  We will not have a "will call" or extra tickets to provide your guests the day of the ceremony.

Do Students Participating in the Recognition Ceremony Need Tickets?

No. Students participating in the ceremony do not need a ticket. Tickets are only required for guests. All guests, except lap-sitting infants, must have a ticket.

What  If  I Don't Need All My Tickets?

Let your classmates know you have extra tickets to give away!  We cannot transfer tickets to other students for you, so please arrange to communicate and pass along any extra tickets yourselves.

What If I'm Not Participating in the Ceremony? Can I "Gift" My Tickets to Another Student?

No. Only students who RSVP and register to participate in the ceremony are allocated tickets. If you are not attending, you will not have tickets.

What If I Need More Tickets?

  1. Please contact your graduating classmates first. Not every student participating in the ceremony will need all 6 tickets, so please check with your peers first to see if they have any extras to give away.
  2. If you are desperate for additional tickets and none were available through other students, please email Julie Leonardo at jleon626@uw.edu to get on our "extra ticket" list. You should only email Julie if you were not successful obtaining tickets through your classmates. Extra tickets will become available on May 30th. You MUST contact Julie in order to receive additional tickets.  She will determine how many additional tickets each student-in-need can have based on the number of requests.

Our goal is to be fair with ticket distribution for all our student participants. If you do not need your tickets, please pass them on to your peers. Kane Hall seats 720 people and we want to have everyone's loved ones present for the ceremony if possible!