The Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) program is a hybrid degree program that is partially funded by the state of Washington and partially fee-based or self-sustaining through graduate student instructional fees. The fee-based portion of the graduate program is administered through University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education (UW PCE). UW PCE is the administrator for over 60 fee-based graduate degree programs at the University of Washington

Because the Au.D. degree program has a hybrid funding arrangement, students register and pay tuition using two separate procedures. While enrolled in the first three years of the Au.D. program, students simultaneously complete a two-part registration and tuition payment process:

  1. UW Registrar / Student Fiscal Services - All didactic coursework and some clinical coursework for the degree program are funded by the state of Washington; the traditional state resident/non-resident tuition model. For this portion of the program, students register with the UW Registrar online using MyUW and pay their resident or non-resident tuition to UW Student Fiscal Services. Instructions on how to register are on the UW Office of the Registrar website. Information on tuition payment policies and deadlines can be found on the UW Student Fiscal Services website.
  2. UW Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) Registration Services - The remaining clinical coursework for the program is funded completely by student fees; a fee-based or self-sustaining model. For this portion of the program, students register quarterly for SPHSC 591: Clinical Education in Audiology and pay their tuition directly to UW Professional & Continuing Education (PCE). The SPHSC 591 tuition funds all of the students’ clinical coursework in the Au.D. program – even those courses registered for through the UW Registrar. Information on PCE registration, fees, aid, and payments is provided to all new students when admitted and posted on the new student section of the SPHSC website. Additional information on fee-based program funding is available on the UW Registrar’s Fee-Based Program FAQ.

The fourth and final year of the Au.D. program is exclusively a fee-based funding arrangement. Thus, students only register and pay tuition to UW PCE. Students cannot register through the UW Campus Registrar (MyUW) and do not pay tuition to Student Fiscal Services. Everything is done through UW PCE. Tuition for the 4th year is approximately 50% of the previous year's in-state tuition. No University of Washington tuition is assessed for this year of the program.

Despite the differences in registration and tuition, students enrolled in the Au.D. program are eligible for all graduate student services, including financial aid, campus healthcare, housing, and insurance. Students with questions regarding tuition, fees, financial aid, or billing should contact Student Fiscal Services directly.

1) Non-Refundable Program Deposit

Once accepted, all new students must submit a $500 deposit to the UW Registrar to secure a space in the program. Initial acceptance notifications are emailed in March. The mandatory $500 deposit is applied toward the first quarter tuition total, but is due within 30 days of acceptance. Entering students may not wait until financial aid is distributed to submit the deposit.

2) Instructional Fees / Tuition

Because of the program’s hybrid funding structure, tuition for the Doctor of Audiology program has two components:

  • University of Washington tuition – tuition rates are assessed based on a student’s residency status. There is an “in-state” and an “out-of-state” tuition rate. In accordance with the laws of Washington State, "in-state students" are charged a different credit hour rate than "out-of-state" students. Residency determinations for the purpose of assessing tuition rates are handled by the UW Residency Office. Please note that tuition does not include the cost of textbooks or materials and is subject to change.
  • UW Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) instructional fees - for this portion of the program there is one established instructional fee that graduate students pay for the degree program no matter their residency status. This fee is fixed each quarter and is not calculated on a per credit basis. The UW PCE instructional fees are established in by the University of Washington in conjunction with the College of Arts & Sciences and the Department of Speech of Hearing & Sciences. Please note that this instructional fee does not include the cost of textbooks or materials and is subject to change.

Important notes about tuition:

  • Any tuition waivers or tuition reciprocity awards given to students are applied ONLY to the University of Washington, state tuition component. These awards cannot be applied to UW PCE instructional fees or University fees.
  • Au.D. applicants from select western states are eligible to apply for resident/in-state tuition rates through the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP). WRGP is a tuition reciprocity program offered jointly by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) and the UW. Please review our WICHE/WRGP Waiver web page and the WRGP website for eligibility information and application procedures.

3) University Fees

UW graduate students are responsible for the following University fees:

  • Building fee - A fee paid to offset security, maintenance and utilities (included in the tuition rate).
  • Registration fee - A nonrefundable fee paid each quarter to UW PCE at the time of registration.
  • Student Technology fee - This fee supports the improvement of technology used by students at the University of Washington campuses. The Student Technology Fee Committee determines the expenditure of this fee. Students at the UW lead the committee which allocates money for technology resources for general student use. The fee is paid quarterly, except during Summer.
  • Services & Activities (S&A) fee - This fee is a student levied and distributed fee to support and enhance student activities and programs at the UW, including the Associated Students of UW (ASUW), the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS), Campus Sustainability Fund, Childcare Assistance Program, Classroom Support Services, Counseling Center, Ethnic Cultural Center & Theater Complex, Hall Health Primary Care Center, Q Center, Recreational Sports Programs, Husky Union Building, Student Legal Services, and Student Publications. The fee is paid quarterly.
  • Facilities Renovation Fee – This fee supports the UW Seattle campus renovations for the Husky Union Building (HUB), Ethnic Cultural Center, and the Hall Health Primary Care Center. The fee is paid quarterly.
  • IMA Bond fee –This fee supports the expansion of the Intramural Activities (IMA) building and improvements to recreational sports programs facilities including construction of a multi-activity sports field and renovation of the golf driving range. The fee is paid quarterly.
  • U-Pass / Transportation fee – This fee is mandatory for all registered and enrolled UW Seattle campus students. Refunds on this fee are no longer available. The fee is paid quarterly.

4) Departmental Fees

All Doctor of Audiology graduate students are responsible for the following mandatory departmental fees:

  • Immunization fee – All clinical graduate students at the UW are required to participate in the Health Sciences Immunization Program provided through UW Campus Health Services. An annual fee is charged to cover the costs associated with reviewing, documenting and tracking student compliance with immunization and tuberculosis screening requirements, the costs of mandatory annual PPD skin tests and flu shots, as well as costs associated with any blood borne pathogen exposures that may occur at clinical sites while enrolled in the graduate program. An annual fee is charged each Autumn quarter.
  • Background check fees – All graduate students in the Department are required to complete and successfully pass a national background check as a condition of admission. This fee is paid directly to the vendor, Verified Credentials, prior to starting the program. In addition, Au.D. students are required to complete two additional background checks during their program; one in June of their second year and one in June of their third year.

Au.D. Program Tuition & Fee Summary
Academic Year 2016-2017

  • Please note that tuition and program fees are subject to change. Students in the Doctor of Audiology program pay the Seattle Campus, Graduate Tier 1 tuition rate in Years 1, 2, and 3 of the program. You may find current tuition rates at the Office of Budgeting & Planning Website.

In addition to University tuition and fees, students in the Doctor of Audiology program will be responsible for the following charges:

PCE Tuition & Fees for Students in Years 1, 2 or 3

Program Fees Academic Quarter Quarterly Total Yearly Total
PCE Instructional Fee Aut, Win, Sp, Su $2,775 $11,100
PCE Registration Fee Aut, Win, Sp, Su $45 $180
Total Aut, Win, Sp, Su* $2,820 $11,280

PCE Tuition & Fees ONLY for Students in Year 4

4th Year Rates Academic Quarter Quarterly Total Yearly Total
UW PCE Instructional Fee Aut, Win, Sp, Su $2,775 $11,100
PCE Registration Fee Aut, Win, Sp, Su $45 $180
Student Technology Fee Aut, Win, Sp $41 $123
Service and Activities Fee Aut, Win, Sp, Su $131 $524
IMA Bond Fee Aut, Win, Sp, Su $32 $128
UPASS / Transportation Fee Aut, Win, Sp, Su $80 $320
Facilities Renovation Fee Aut, Win, Sp, Su $73 $292
Total Aut, Win, Sp, Su* $3,177 $12,667

*Summer quarter 2016 tuition rates have not yet been released by the Provost, so Summer rates above are estimated at the prior quarters rate for full-time enrollment.

Department Fees Year One Year Two Year Three Year Four
HSIP Immunization fee
(Annual Charge)
$125 estimate $125 estimate $125 estimate $125 estimate
Background check fee
(paid directly to vendor)
National Check
At time of acceptance
National Check
National Check
Total $184 $184 $184 $125