Typhon Allied Health Student Tracking System is an online database used by clinical graduate students and faculty in our department to store and track information related to clinical education and coursework. Every student must be trained on this administrative system before they begin clinical coursework. Training will occur during the first week of school and will continue throughout your first quarter in the program.

While enrolled in the program, student will use the system for several purposes:

  • Document and update their student profile containing:
    • contact information
    • clinical interests
    • clinical compliance documentation
  • Document quarterly clinic/client schedules
  • Document and store patient encounters, experiences, and clock hours (case logs)
  • Store Student Clinical Evaluations, which document your clinical competencies, skills, and final grade, for every clinical course in which you enroll.

During  new student orientation, each student will be notified of their access to the Typhon system.  At that time, each student will enroll in Typhon and individually pay a one-time entry fee of $80.  Students will be provided extensive training in the Typhon system during orientation and across their degree program. You will receive a confirmation email from the Typhon system when your account has been successfully established. This account and data will be available to you throughout your program and up to three years after graduation.

There is nothing you need to do with regards to Typhon before arriving. We just want you to be aware of the system requirement and upcoming training. If you have a personal laptop, we do recommend you bring it with you for use during training.