Part of our Department's mission is to expand and enhance our research efforts as worldwide leaders, through widespread dissemination of high caliber research, collaborative disciplinary and interdisciplinary research initiatives, and a diversified portfolio of sponsored research.  Each year many of our students at every degree level pursue research projects that contribute to this mission and bring greater understanding to the broad range of disciplines within our field. The class of 2020 participated in a myriad of projects that we are excited to share with you here!


Doctoral Dissertations

Lindsey Kishline

Investigating the effects of audio-visual spatial congruence on multisensory integration
Mentored By Dr. Adrian KC Lee

Elle O'Brien

A Multifactorial Model of Risk for Dyslexia
Mentored By Dr. Adrian KC Lee and Dr. Jason Yeatman

Cara Sauder

The effect of speaker-specific information on perceptual voice rating tasks
Mentored By Dr. Tanya Eadie

Audiology Capstone Projects

David Audet

Evaluation of sound localization ability with a new generation of military earplugs
Mentored By Dr. Andrew Brown

Molly Bergan

Differences in the cochlear implant electrode-neuron interface as a function of hearing loss etiology
Mentored By Dr. Christi Miller

Makayla Janel Bradford

Hospital-Based Newborn Hearing Screening Across the Globe: A Systematic Review and Preliminary Report on Guatemala's Program
Mentored By Dr. Sara Kover

Sara Burge

Relationship between cognition & speech in noise performance in adults with sensorineural hearing loss
Mentored By Dr. Christi Miller

Joshua Cheung

Developing a Newborn Vestibular Screening Protocol: Examining the VOR in Healthy Infants
Mentored By Dr. James Phillips

Nathan Danneker

Changes in the Vestibulo-ocular Reflex and Hearing Sensitivity Caused by Vestibular Implantation
Mentored By Dr. James Phillips

Sean Kakigi

Where do Older Adults Prefer to Receive Information About Hearing Healthcare? A Preliminary Investigation
Mentored By Dr. Kelly Tremblay

Stephanie Klotz

Spectral Modulation Sensitivity and Frequency Resolution in Normal Hearing Infants
Mentored By Dr. David Horn

Kuki Moku-Paiva

Patient Sexism Toward Women and Hearing Aid Satisfaction
Mentored By Dr. Christi MIller

Michael Smith

Individual differences in re-calibrating to upward spectral shifts
Mentored By Dr. Richard Wright

Elisabeth Went

Associations between the Communicative Participation Item Bank, clinical outcome measures, and patient-centered factors
Mentored By Dr. Christi Miller

Master's Theses

Piper Doering

Reading vs. Hearing Plural Morphemes in Kids with and without Hearing Loss
Mentored By Dr. Bonnie Lau & Dr. Adrian KC Lee

Gretchen Go

Reliability of an Instrument to Measure Patient-Provider Communication during Medical Interaction
Mentored By Dr. Michael Burns

Manisha Gore

Perceptual Subgroups in Speakers with Ataxic Dysarthria
Mentored By Dr. Kristie Spencer

Danielle Payne

Examining the impact of resilience on communicative participation in individuals with Parkinson's Disease
Mentored By Dr. Carolyn Baylor

Undergraduate Honors Projects

Raine Myrvold

Understanding the Experiences of College Students with Autism: An Exploratory Mixed-Methods Analysis
Mentored By Dr. Jill Locke

Maritza Zaldivar-Lima

¡Cuenta Conmigo! Math Talk in Parent-Child Play and Kindergarten Math Outcomes in a Spanish-Speaking Preschool Sample
Mentored By Dr. Amy Pace