Part of our Department's mission is to expand and enhance our research efforts as worldwide leaders, through widespread dissemination of high caliber research, collaborative disciplinary and interdisciplinary research initiatives, and a diversified portfolio of sponsored research.  Each year many of our students at every degree level pursue research projects that contribute to this mission and bring greater understanding to the broad range of disciplines within our field. The class of 2021 participated in a myriad of projects that we are excited to share with you here!


Doctoral Dissertations

Katie Brown

The Relationship Between Dysarthria, Primary Motor Profile, and Cognition in Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease
Mentored By Dr. Kristie Spencer

Maggie Clarke

Neural Dynamics of the Motor System in Speech Perception
Mentored By Dr. Patrick Kuhl

Patrick Michael Donnelly

Design and Implementation of Digital Aids to Empower Struggling Readers 
Mentored By Dr. Patricia Kuhl & Dr. Jason Yeatman

Reva Zimmerman

Linguistic Predictors of Anomia Treatment Response
Mentored By Dr. Diane L. Kendall

Audiology Capstone Projects

Samantha N. Davis

Chloroquine Kills Hair Cells in Zebrafish Lateral Line and Murine Cochlear Cultures: Implications for Ototoxicity​
Mentored By Dr. David Raible

Nicole Jahng Diebag

Sound Localization via Bilateral Bone Conductions Hearing Aids: Characterization of Available Cues
Mentored By Dr. Andrew Brown

Kaitlyn Elizabeth Gervais

A Literature Review on the Auditory Consequences from Opioid Overdose and a Call to Investigate the Potential Auditory Side Effects of Buprenorphine​
Mentored By Dr. David Raible

Jake Hulswit

The Effectiveness of Aural Rehabilitation-Focused Counseling on Psychosocial Outcomes in Audiology​
Mentored By Dr. Carolyn Baylor

Andrea Icaza

Feasibility of Improving Low Frequency Musical Sound Quality Perception in Adult Cochlear Implant users with Dichotic Pulsatile and Analog Stimulation Strategy (DPASS)
Mentored By Dr. Chad Ruffin

Jessica Juozapaitis

Effects of Remote Microphone and Hearing Aid Use on Speech Outcomes in Preschoolers: A Systematic Review
Mentored By Dr. Sara Kover

Katie Langford

CAEP Stimuli and Rate Differences in Normal Hearing Young Adults
Mentored By Dr. Susan Norton

Moira McShane

Variability in Depth of Cochlear Implant Electrode Insertion in Children and Associated Patient Characteristics
Mentored By Dr. David Horn

Tiffany Marie Mitchell

A Comparison of WDRC and ADRO Strategies Using Non-sense Words in Noise​
Mentored By Dr. Richard Wright & Dr. Christi Miller

Carmella R. Musat

Romania: Perspectives on Accessibility and State of Hearing Healthcare Services​
Mentored By Dr. Christi Miller

Courtney Nguyen

Combined Lexical and Indexical Speech Perception Assessment (CLISPA) on Normal Hearing Listeners and Cochlear Implant Users
Mentored By Dr. Richard Wright

Keito Omokawa

Test-Retest Reliability of Test Box SpeechMap Measures for Routine Hearing Aid Checks​
Mentored By Dr. Andrew Brown

Anna L. Pana

Speech-in-Noise Outcomes in Children with Unilateral Hearing Loss Using a Bone Conduction Sound Processing Device​
Mentored By Dr. Sara Kover

Master's Theses

Jessica Amaral

Investigating Perceptual Subgroups in Speakers with Ataxic Dysarthria: An Auditory Free- Classification Approach
Mentored By Dr. Kristie Spencer

Claire Nesbitt

Driving Forces: Mobility and Environmental Language in Children with Cerebral Palsy​
Mentored By Dr. Amy Pace & Dr. Heather Feldner

Erica Seely

Cerebral Specialization for Speech Perception Throughout Infancy and Childhood: A Systematic Review
Mentored By Dr. Bonnie Lau & Dr. Adrian KC Lee

Undergraduate Honors Projects

Fiona Kwong

Understanding the Friendships of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder​
Mentored By Dr. Amy Rodda