The UW Speech & Hearing Clinic is an outpatient center providing exceptional care to the community while serving as a clinical education and research facility. The clinic is a living laboratory in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences with graduate students preparing to become audiologists and speech-language pathologists alongside clinical educators who are experts in their field. Our graduate students provide services under the supervision of audiology and speech-language pathology clinical educators who are nationally certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed by the Washington Department of Health.

Our Speech-Language Pathology graduate program is consistently top-ranked by U.S. News and World Report. We invite you and your family to see us for your hearing and speech/language needs, as well as participate in the preparation of the next generation of the best and brightest.



The UW Speech and Hearing Clinic abides by the University of Washington policies regarding non-discrimination and affirmative action with regard to its faculty, staff, students and clients and their families/caregivers. The specific policy should be reviewed and can be found at:   The UW Speech and Hearing Clinic holds paramount the welfare of each client and their family/caregiver members. This includes upholding a client’s rights during all encounters. A copy of a client’s “Bill of Rights” is posted in each waiting area.