Vision Statement

The Department of Speech and Hearing Science will serve as a center for excellence, committed to professional education, basic and translational research in speech, language and hearing sciences, and direct clinical services including community education and outreach. These activities will be dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals affected by challenges in speech, language and hearing across the life span.


Mission Statement

To promote excellence in education, research and service delivery, and to further coordinate our unique strengths in basic and clinical sciences to guide our educational and research goals. To achieve these goals we will:

  1. Expand and enhance efforts to integrate our strengths in basic and clinical sciences to advance and disseminate knowledge within and across speech/language, hearing and basic science areas. Examples:
    • Recruit, develop and retain excellent and diverse faculty, students and staff.
    • Strengthen disciplinary foundations.
    • Foster disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and collaborative research initiatives.  
  2. Expand the scope of interdisciplinary collaborations through partnerships with those who share our vision of improving the quality of life for individuals affected by communication disorders. Examples:
    • Build and sustain a rich network of partnerships with University of Washington programs and colleagues through which our faculty can link their research and our students can link their classroom learning to broaden their knowledge and understanding of communication disorders.
    • Enhance our ability to innovate nimbly in attracting to new student populations, assessment of learning outcomes, and research methodologies and opportunities.
  3.  Expand clinical training and clinical service delivery in targeted areas of expertise and integrate scholarly activities into teaching learning and service throughout the department and clinic. Examples:
    • Find innovative ways to present evidence-based approaches within speech-language pathology and audiology
    • Increase opportunities for faculty and students to share in their research and scholarship.
    • Expand clinical opportunities so students can connect more fully their academic education to their clinical education. 

Strategic Plans

2009 University of WA Strategic Plan & Initiatives and Leadership Summary

2015-2020 UW Graduate School Strategic Plan  & 2015-2017 Biennial Update

2018 - 2022 SPHSC Master of Science Strategic Plan

2018 - 2021 SPHSC Doctor of Audiology Sunsetting Notification