University of Washington’s Speech and Hearing Clinic faculty and graduate clinicians have been helping people with hearing loss reconnect to the world by providing unbiased, holistic and evidence-based audiological services to the greater Seattle community for over 50 years.

Today we continue that leadership at the forefront of the audiology profession by preparing future doctors of audiology and conducting advanced research so we can deliver the most modern and effective audiological procedures, products and techniques.  All services are provided by students under the direct supervision of licensed audiologists.

We welcome patients who are in need of evaluation of their hearing status.  The most common reasons a patient may consult with our clinic include:

  • Ear symptoms such as tinnitus, ear pressure, hearing loss
  • Individuals who are interested in improving their communication potential through aural rehabilitation sessions (with or without hearing aids and/or cochlear implants)
  • Difficulty understanding speech in the presence of quiet and/or noise
  • Individuals who are at risk of for hearing loss due to noise exposure (i.e. loud concerts, sporting events, occupational exposure or recreational exposure)
  • Individuals who need tools to achieve their potential in the work environment through workplace assessments and recommendations on appropriate accommodations

We look forward to working with you and your family!