Application Process

The application process for the Postbac program requires two steps. Applicants will submit materials to both the UW Office of Admissions and the SPHSC Department. Applicants must submit the required application materials to both parties, as admission to SPHSC Postbac program is contingent upon admission to UW.

To apply, follow these instructions:

  1. Apply to the UW Office of Admissions by completing the following steps:
    1. Complete the online Postbac application
      1. Indicate the major as “Speech and Hearing Sciences,”
      2. Select “Summer quarter” as the quarter of entry
    2. Print a hard copy of the online application (including the Statement of Purpose) for inclusion on your SPHSC application
    3. Submit your online application to the UW and pay the application fee
    4. Send all official transcripts to the UW Office of Admissions


    Special Instructions:

    On the UW Office of Admissions application, there is a section titled, “Statement of Purpose”. Please do not answer the questions listed on the application; this is a general application intended for many different majors and program at the UW. Rather, tailor your statement to the Speech & Hearing Sciences Selection Committee, telling us why you want to pursue a career in this field and what you have done to prepare for this program of study.

  2. Apply to the SPHSC Department by submitting the following items via postal mail:
    1. Hard copy of the application submitted to the UW Office of Admissions
    2. Hard copy of the Statement of Purpose submitted to the UW Office of Admissions
    3. All official transcripts
    4. Resume or document summarizing applicant’s work and/or volunteer experience
    5. Three (3) letters of recommendation using the SPHSC Postbac Reference form

Application materials must be postmarked by February 15 and sent to:

University of Washington
Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Attn: Undergraduate Advisor
1417 N.E. 42nd St.
Box 354875
Seattle, WA 98105-6246

Special Instructions:

  • For your application to be considered, the hard copies of the UW Admissions application and Statement of Purpose must be legible and complete with no text cut off.
  • Letters of Recommendation:
    • Applicants should only send recommendation letters to the SPHSC department; do not send them to UW Admissions office.
    • Carefully read and complete the top section of the SPHSC recommendation form before giving it to your recommender.
    • Letters of recommendation may be sent to the SPHSC department by the applicant or mailed directly by the reference/recommender.
    • We prefer that all letters of recommendation are completed using the Speech & Hearing Sciences recommendation form.
    • If your reference does not want to complete the SPHSC reference form, then the department will accept a letter in its place. Our preference, however, is that all recommenders use this form when possible.
  • We prefer that you do not contact the SPHSC Office to verify that your application materials have arrived. SPHSC staff will contact individuals with missing application materials at the end of January/beginning of February. If you do not hear from us, you can assume your application has been received and is complete.

Incomplete Applications

UW Admissions and the SPHSC department each have their own specific application requirements. Neither office will supply the other with any part of the required materials. Incomplete applications will not be processed and applicants cannot be considered under any of the following circumstances:

  • Applicants apply to UW Admissions, but not to the SPHSC Department
  • Applicant apply to the SPHSC Department, but not to UW Admissions
  • Applicants apply for admission during Autumn, Winter or Spring quarters (rather than Summer quarter)