How do I make my own Dubs READS  books?



You can purchase the original ten Dubs READS titles in the “Pre-K Award Winners and Classics Collection” available through Scholastic here. You may also already have some of these popular titles in your home collection, or can find them at local book stores and second-hand at thrift shops. You may also find some digital resouces through Libby, which links to your library, the Seattle Public Library, or through your child's school with Epic.


Dubs READS questions are formatted to be printed on conventional printer labels. You will find the labels for each book listed in the table below. We use AVERY Label Size 5360, but any 1 1/2'” by 2 13/16” labels (in other words, 3 columns and 7 rows), will work. If you prefer not to use labels, you could a) write the questions in your book, b) use sticky notes, or c) print the question on plain paper and paste them in. We designed Dubs READS to be easy and we happen to think using labels is easiest. But it’s up to you! 


You will find the assembly guides for each book listed in the table below. The tricky thing about children’s books is that they don’t always have page numbers. To make sure you match the right question with the right page, we’ve made assembly guides to tell you where each question belongs. Pages are identified by the first words or sentences on each page. You determine the placement for each label that will interfere least with the illustrations. You can also trim down labels to reduce their size on the page. Make it work for you! 

Our team carefully designed the Dubs READS questions to make sure they included a variety of formats and language targets. If you’re new to dialogic reading, we’ve also included a ‘this question is meant to’ description of the language target for each question. For example, a question like “Do you think these boys know each other?” will hopefully encourage the child to make inferences using their knowledge of the story and illustrations. 

A quick note: We encourage you to put the Dubs READS logo label on the front cover of your book, and the UW Speech & Hearing Sciences label on the back cover so others will know where to find our resources when the book is shared! 


All of our books are great for preschool and early school-aged children. However, some books lend themselves to certain ideas and concepts better than others. That’s why we created a label, on the top right corner of each questions page, that gives a “For Ages” suggestion and lists a few concepts that “This Book is Great For.” You can include this label on the front or back cover of your book as a reminder of the target age and concepts.

Book Title                                             Assembly Guide                  Labels                    Video Link

Corduroy Guide Labels Video
Good Night, Gorilla Guide Labels Video
Inch By Inch Guide Labels Video
No, David! Guide Labels Video
Strega Nona Guide Labels Video
The LIttle Red Hen Guide Labels Video
The Runaway Bunny Guide Labels Video
The Tale of Peter Rabbit Guide Labels Video
Where The Wild Things Are Guide Labels Video
Yo! Yes Guide Labels Video










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