The UW Speech and Hearing Clinic has created the UW Hearing Aid Assistance Program (HAAP) to provide patients in financial need with donated hearing aids. Individuals who qualify will be fit with appropriate hearing aids from the HAAP bank by AuD graduate students under the direct supervision of a licensed audiologist within the UW Speech and Hearing Clinic.  

How do patients qualify?

  • Individuals interested in the program must demonstrate current Medicaid/WA Apple Health status.
  • Individuals must have a documented hearing loss based on an examination by a qualified hearing healthcare professional. There is no minimum hearing loss requirement.

What kind of hearing aids does the Hearing Aid Assistance Program provide?

  • Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids 
  • Receiver in the Canal (RIC) hearing aids 
  • HAAP hearing aids come with a one-year repair warranty.

What are the responsibilities and cost to the patient?

Costs include: 

  • Application Fee, due at the initial consultation: $150
  • Professional Fitting Fee, due at the hearing aid fitting appointment:
    • $150 for one hearing aid
    • $250 for two hearing aids
    • $60 per earmold, if determined necessary by fitting audiologist
  • The total cost to the patient varies based on what the fitting audiologist determines to be appropriate for the patient
    • Total Cost for Two hearing aids with earmolds: $520
    • Total Cost for One hearing aid with earmold: $360
  • The professional fitting fee covers the following: hearing aid fitting and evaluation, counseling and instruction on the device, and two follow up adjustment appointments (two-three weeks post fitting and six months post fitting).
  • Hearing aids may be returned during the initial trial period with a partial refund. The application fee of $150 is non-refundable.

Overview of the HAAP

To Apply: 

  • Mail the completed UW HAAP Application Form, along with a copy (front and back) of the Medicaid/Apple Health card to this address: 

UW Hearing Aid Assistance Program
UW Speech and Hearing Clinic 
4131 15th Ave NE 
Seattle, WA 98105

  • After receiving your application, the HAAP office will contact you about your candidacy for the HAAP. If you are a candidate for our program, you will be added to our waitlist.
  • The program coordinator will contact you to schedule an initial consultation when there is availability.  
  • During the initial consultation, the fitting audiologist will conduct a hearing evaluation, if needed, and obtain information about your lifestyle and hearing goals to identify the appropriate hearing aids for you.  
  • Following this initial consultation, a hearing aid fitting and orientation will be scheduled.  
  • After the hearing aid fitting, there are two follow-up appointments where the audiologist will make adjustments to fine tune your hearing aids. These occur at two to three weeks post fitting, and six months post fitting.  

Community Audiologists

  • At this time, the HAAP is unable to accommodate community audiologist participation. Please contact the HAAP office with any questions.


  • The HAAP relies on community donations to provide access to hearing aids to those in financial need. HAAP gladly accepts donations of all styles of used hearing aids and hearing aid supplies. This is a tax-deductible donation.

Contact Information

Please note the UW HAAP office is staffed part-time by students. 

  • Please contact the UW HAAP office for more information or if you have any questions. Please leave a detailed message and we will contact you within 48 hours.
    • 206-685-4267​
  • For urgent questions and/or a more immediate response, please email us