Funding doctoral students is a top priority in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. Students are typically funded as teaching or research assistants (Graduate Student Service Appointees) during the academic year, as long as they make adequate progress in the program with an established mentor. The standard academic year is comprised of Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters. Summer quarter financial support is available, although it is not guaranteed. To be eligible for financial support, students are required to register for at least 10 credit hours during Autumn, Winter, and Spring, and a minimum of 2 credits during Summer, and spend an average of 20 hours per week teaching or conducting research.

The Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences assumes all tuition-related costs and fees for doctoral students, with the following exceptions: 1) UW Building Fee and 2) UW Services and Activities Fees. Information regarding the UW graduate tuition rates and fees for full-time enrollment is located on the Office of Planning and Budgeting website. Please note that the tuition for Summer quarter is slightly less than the quarterly tuition rate during the academic year.

PhD students also receive a monthly stipend. The monthly stipend amount depends on each individual’s current degree upon entry in the program (bachelor’s or master’s), and their type of service appointment. Graduate Appointee health insurance for each doctoral appointee is also included, as is half the cost of insuring an appointee’s dependents.

Because graduate students in the department are required to complete and successfully pass a national background check as a condition of admission, doctoral students are also responsible for paying a one-time background check fee of $59. The fee is paid directly to our vendor prior to starting the program.

Outstanding applicants to the PhD Program may be considered for additional support via the prestigious Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) program, of which Speech and Hearing Sciences is a participating Department. To learn more about this exciting program, please see the UW Graduate School's ARCS information page.