The University of Washington has general regulations governing scholastic eligibility for continuation1 and all undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students must meet the following requirements in order to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences:
  • Maintain a 2.00 minimum cumulative GPA for all coursework done in residence at the UW
  • Achieve a 2.00 minimum GPA in the SPHSC major at the time of graduation

In addition, the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences has adopted additional satisfactory progress requirements (effective Winter 2016) in order to provide reasonable assurance of academic success for our majors and to make the best use of Departmental resources. These criteria and procedures apply to all undergraduate and postbac students in Speech and Hearing Sciences, for determining satisfactory progress toward completion of a Bachelor of Science degree and continuance in the major. Prospective and current majors should read the following policies closely:

Students are encouraged to frequently review their academic progress, and seek advising from the SPHSC Academic and Student Services unit at any time. We recommend that any postbac students who fail to meet satisfactory progress requirements meet with an advisor as soon as possible. Early identification and discussion of issues can prevent progression towards probation or dismissal from the major. Students are encouraged to discuss any circumstances leading to a lack of satisfactory progress, including extenuating circumstances and situations outside of academic life that may impact student success.

1The University’s Satisfactory Progress and Low Scholarship policies are available on the web.

Degree Progress & Continuous Enrollment

Completion of the Postbac programs requires 3 quarters of 6 quarters of continuous study. Either options has a fixed didactic schedule with a lock-step sequence, whereby courses are offered only once a year.  Because most coursework is sequential, students optimally will achieve the course objectives each quarter in order to progress to the next quarter of study. Be aware that any changes to the program plan or the student’s progression through coursework requirements will most likely result in a delay in completing the degree and additional costs to the student.

The Postbac program and its timely completion is the sole responsibility of the student. From the time of their first enrollment, students must be registered for the required coursework each quarter in the Speech and Hearing Sciences (SPHSC) department, until either the completion of all degree requirements or they withdraw in adherence with UW policies and procedures. Please note the SPHSC department’s continuous enrollment policy for the Postbac program does not allow for use of the UW’s quarter-off option. If a student is neither enrolled in the required SPHSC coursework for the degree nor officially withdrawn, they will be dropped from the Postbaccalaureate program.

For students who have withdrawn from the University, they are required to follow the UW re-enrollment and re-admission procedures in order to return to the Postbac degree program. It is department policy that any formerly enrolled student who withdraws and wishes to return to Postbac study must first meet with the department’s undergraduate advisor before applying. Please note that because of the competitive nature of the program, re-admission is not guaranteed and any re-admitted students will be required to follow the established degree program sequencing and re-matriculated accordingly.

In general, students should always consult with their undergraduate advisor for degree program questions or inquiries regarding program modifications.  Please note that changes are not typically possible for this program, and if granted, may result in extending the individual’s program of study.  All degree program changes must be approved by the undergraduate advisor and Bachelor of Science Program Director.