University of Washington’s Speech and Hearing Clinic is a non-profit clinic in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. Our experienced university clinicians have been helping people with hearing loss reconnect to the world by providing unbiased, holistic and evidence-based audiological services to the greater Seattle community for over 50 years. Our department is consistently ranked in the top four nationally (US News and World Report). Today we continue that leadership at the forefront of the audiology profession by training future doctors of audiology and conducting advanced research so we can deliver the most modern and effective audiological procedures, products and techniques.

Communication Tree

We understand how critical it is that your hearing solution is custom tailored to fit your lifestyle. This philosophy is what we call “The Art & Science” of hearing care.

The “Art” is our audiologists’ ability to understand your lifestyle, find solutions specific to your individual needs and counsel you on the process of reconnecting to your world.

The “Science” references diagnostic protocols utilized along with the specific technology, rehabilitation techniques and verification protocols provided by your audiologist. It is the combination of our providers’ “Art” with the “Science” that will give you the best value for your investment.

Living with Hearing Loss: The Facts

Approximately 48 million Americans experience hearing loss. Of those who could benefit from use of hearing devices, only 1 out of 5 actually uses them.

The first step to reconnecting to the world is visiting one of our licensed audiologists. Our audiologists have the clinical expertise and years of experience required to correctly assess the nature of hearing problems and recommend the appropriate course of action. Our audiology faculty also trains future Doctors of Audiology.

This section of the website will help you better understand the mechanics of hearing as well as the process we utilize when reconnecting individuals to their listening world.