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University of Washington Baccalaureate Degree Requirements

For the Bachelor of Science degree, all students must fulfill the UW College of Arts and Sciences graduation requirements, which include general education coursework related to “Areas of Knowledge”.

Speech & Hearing Sciences Degree Requirements

The SPHSC major is completed in six quarters and accepted students must successfully complete all 13 required courses and 50 credits outlined below for the Bachelor of Science degree. Students must also maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 in the courses in order to complete the major. Please refer to the UW Course Catalog for full course descriptions.

Course # Course Name Quarter Offered Credits
SPHSC 250 Introduction to Speech & Hearing Sciences Autumn Jr. 3
SPHSC 261 The Nature of Sound Autumn Jr. 3
SPHSC 302 Phonetics: Theory & Transcription Winter Jr. 4
SPHSC 371 Hearing Disorders Winter Jr. 4
SPHSC 303 Language Science Spring Jr. 3
SPHSC 461 Hearing Science Spring Jr. 5
SPHSC 304 Speech & Language Acquisition Autumn Sr. 5
SPHSC 320 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech & Swallowing Autumn Sr. 5
SPHSC 305 Developmental Communication & Swallowing Disorders Winter Sr. 3
SPHSC 306 Acquired Communication & Swallowing Disorders Winter Sr. 3
SPHSC 481 Management of Hearing Loss Winter Sr. 3
SPHSC 425 Speech, Language, Hearing and the Brain Spring Sr. 5
SPHSC 405 (W) Clinical Decision Making in Speech-Language Pathology Spring Sr. 4

(W)–Denotes SPHSC courses that satisfy the UW additional writing requirement. Students in the College of Arts & Sciences must complete at least 10 credits of writing-intensive “W” courses, in addition to 5 credits of English composition.