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The University of Washington and SPHSC Department's admission policy provides for a selective admission process with the objective of attracting students who demonstrate the strongest prospects for high quality academic work. This admissions process shall assure that the University's educational opportunities shall be open to all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, or veteran status. The process of admission shall be mindful of the need for diversity in the student body and for qualified individuals from all segments of the population.

The Department has a capacity constrained admissions process for its undergraduate major. Prospective students should carefully read our eligibility and applications instructions.

**Speech and Hearing Undergraduate Advising is temporarily suspending in-person meetings with students.The SPHSC Advising Office will close in-office services until further notice.  You may reach us for general questions at: or make an appointment with an advisor using the link to the left.

Transfer Students now have a special online application form. Current UW students should continue to form linked below.

Online Application Form

Current UW Students Only  - Autumn 2021 Admissions are closed. The Application for Autumn 2022 will open in April 2022. UW students may use our new online application form.

This form will require you to sign into google using your UW NetID. To do so, use your full UW email as your google login ( then continue. The system will take you to a normal UW authentication screen then direct you back to your google form.

Application Deadlines

UW Students

Entry Date

Application Deadline

Autumn 2022

April; 3rd Monday of Spring Quarter

Autumn 2023

April; 3rd Monday of Spring Quarter


*Effective Autumn 2021 and beyond, only Autumn quarter applications will be accepted. Thus:

  • Winter quarter 2021 was the last Winter entry quarter for majors (applications were due October 19, 2020)
  • Winter and Spring quarters are not available for application.
  • Autumn quarter 2022 is the next Autumn and only quarter available for application.

Transfer Students

Use the SPHSC Online Transfer Student Application.

Entry Date

Application Deadline

Autumn 2022

February 15, 2022

Autumn 2023

February 15, 2023


*Effective 2021 and beyond, only Autumn quarter applications will be accepted. Winter quarter 2021 was the last Winter entry quarter for transfer students (applications were due 9/1/2020).

Application Instructions

All applicants are required to submit the following items by the established deadline. Please complete all the required components.

  • SPHSC application (all pages)
  • Personal Statement
  • College transcripts (photocopies and unofficial copies are acceptable)

Questions: refer all application questions to

Admissions Committee Process

Admission to the major is capacity constrained. Meeting the criteria below guarantees consideration but not admission. The admissions committee evaluates each application by examining the strength of each component:

  1. Grade Point Average(s)
  2. Performance in the five out-of-department prerequisite courses
  3. Performance in any prior communication sciences and disorders or linguistics coursework, including any SPHSC Department courses
  4. Personal statement reflecting your interest and commitment to the field of speech, language, and hearing sciences  
  5. Additional evidence of a commitment to becoming a Speech and Hearing Sciences major

Acceptance Notification

UW student applicants will be notified via email as follows:

  • Autumn quarter decisions will be communicated no later than the sixth week of Spring quarter

Transfer student applicants will be notified via email as follows:

  • Autumn quarter decisions will be communicated in April

Other Important Information

Double Degrees & Double Majors

If you are currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) major and you now want to major in Speech and Hearing Sciences, be aware that this is a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree. Thus, if admitted to the SPHSC major, you will be pursuing a double degree (B.A. /B.S.), which requires a mandatory 225 credits total. This requirement cannot be waived.

If you are currently pursuing another B.S. major, and you are admitted to the Speech and Hearing Sciences major, the combination is considered a double major, requiring a minimum of 180 credits.

If you are currently a SENIOR

If you are thinking about starting, adding or switching to this degree and you are a Senior (in credits), your program of study at the UW will be extended by 6 quarters.  There is no way to “fast track” our major. It takes two years—even if you have nothing but SPHSC courses to complete— because we only offer courses once a year. We are a very small department and courses must be taken in a certain sequence with certain prerequisites.

If you are currently a JUNIOR

The major must be started in Autumn Quarter and late starting Juniors should anticipate a delayed graduation.  The major takes 6 quarters to complete and there is no way to catch up.

If you are currently a SOPHOMORE or FRESHMAN

You cannot apply to the major. We suggest you review the “Undergraduate FAQ” for suggested courses and activities to pursue while preparing for the major.  Sophomores should plan to apply during Spring quarter for an Autumn quarter start in the major.