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Curriculum Vitae: 

Rehabilitation Medicine


Adjunct Associate Professor
Recent Publications
Communicative Participation and Quality of Life in Pretreatment Oral and Oropharyngeal Head and Neck Cancer. (2020 Sep 15) Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg Sauder C, Kapsner-Smith M, Baylor C, Yorkston K, Futran N, Eadie T

Validation of the Communicative Participation Item Bank as an Outcome Measure for Spasmodic Dysphonia. (2020 Jul 25) Laryngoscope Yiu Y, Baylor CR, Bamer AM, Shelly S, Klein AM, Garrett CG, Pitman MJ

Achieving Participation-Focused Intervention Through Shared Decision Making: Proposal of an Age- and Disorder-Generic Framework. (2020 Aug 4) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 29(3): 1335-1360 Baylor C, Darling-White M

Exploring Associations Between a Biological Marker of Chronic Stress and Reported Depression and Anxiety in People With Aphasia. (2019 Nov 22) J Speech Lang Hear Res 62(11): 4119-4130 Pompon RH, Smith AN, Baylor C, Kendall D

Experiences of Speaking With Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation: A Qualitative Investigation. (2019 Jul 15) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 28(2S): 784-792 Britton D, Hoit JD, Pullen E, Benditt JO, Baylor CR, Yorkston KM