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Rehabilitation Medicine


Adjunct Associate Professor
Recent Publications
Modifying the Communicative Participation Item Bank (CPIB) for individuals receiving gender-affirming communication care: Stakeholder feedback from cognitive interviews. (2023 Mar-Apr) J Commun Disord 102(): 106312 Teixeira J, Jin JL, Baylor C, Nuara M

Development of a candidate item bank for measuring mobility of lower limb orthosis users. (2022 Oct 21) PM R Balkman GS, Morgan SJ, Amtmann D, Baylor C, Hafner BJ

Communication and Social Interaction Experiences of Youths With Congenital Motor Speech Disorders. (2022 Nov 16) Am J Speech Lang Pathol 31(6): 2609-2627 Connaghan KP, Baylor C, Romanczyk M, Rickwood J, Bedell G

Understanding How Older Adults with Communication Difficulties Access Health Services: What We Can Learn from the National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS). (2022 Jun) Semin Speech Lang 43(3): 176-197 Baylor C, Brown C, Mroz TM, Burns M

Older adults' perceptions of current and future hearing healthcare services in Australia, England, US and Canada. (2021 Dec 2) Public Health Res Pract 31(5): McMahon CM, Mosley CL, Pichora-Fuller MK, Davis AC, Baylor CR, Yorkston KM, Tremblay KL